4 reasons why Laser Eye Surgery will change your life

11 Dec 2020

If you’ve had problems with your sight for years then it’s likely that the idea of Laser Eye Surgery has crossed your mind more than once. So what’s been holding you back? Lack of information, just bad timing, or have you just needed a little nudge in the right direction? If you’ve started to give it some consideration, now’s a good time to learn a little bit more about what it can offer you. Let’s start with how it might change your life. Everyone’s reasons for going ahead with the surgery will be different, but just what are the general deal breakers for most patients? We caught up with Ireland’s No.1 Laser Eye Surgery providers, Optilase to find out more.

Bye bye glasses and contacts

Ever thought about rolling out of bed with 20/20 vision? We bet you have, and you’re not alone. At the top of the list for Optilase’s Laser Eye Surgery patients was the dream that they could say goodbye to the hassle and cost of glasses and contact lenses. In fact, in the past 20 years, over 30 million people worldwide have chosen to undergo this quick, painless and yet life-changing procedure, to achieve 20/20 vision. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to live a life free from the inconvenience and cost of having to wear glasses and contact lenses, it’s a no brainer!

The prospect of life changing vision

It might sound like an obvious one, but if you’ve always had problems with your vision, the prospect of gaining the best sight of our life can seem pretty amazing, and it is!
Laser Eye Surgery is a way of permanently correcting your vision,and many people that finally undergo the surgery really can’t believe their luck, when post surgery, 20/15 or 20/20 vision becomes their norm. Tempted? You should be.

It’s a short and pain free treatment
Yes, you’ve read that right. The team at Optilase understands that how the word surgery might send a shiver up your spine, but the good news is that in the case of Laser Eye Surgery it doesn't have to. Phillip McGlade, CEO with Optilase explains a little more ;

‘Laser Eye Surgery isn’t for everyone, in fact not everybody is a candidate for it; your suitability depends on what your vision problem is. But if you are a suitable patient then you should be confident that the laser vision correction process itself is painless. Your eye is numbed using anaesthetic drops and you are offered diazepam to reduce anxiety and relax muscle tension. Depending on your treatment type, there can be some discomfort in the days after your treatment but this is generally temporary.’

In addition to that, the surgery is short too - taking around 7 minutes per eye. You will need to be in the Clinic a little longer though - with preparation, treatment and aftercare, you will most likely be in the clinic for up to 2 hours on the day of your procedure. Taking it all into consideration, it’s a very short time to be in situ for any surgical procedure.

If you are in any doubt about whether or not you are suitable for the surgery, then help is only an appointment away. Optilase, who have carried out the surgery over 40,000 times in Ireland, offer a free consultation with one of their Optometrists for all potential patients, in order to determine if laser eye surgery is the right solution to your individual vision difficulties.

It’s totally affordable
Laser Eye Surgery has become popular over the last number of years, due mainly to the life altering results. And because of this, as well as advances in technology, it has definitely become more and more affordable, even in the premium Eye Clinics like Optilase.

So what is the pricing like in Optilase? Well many patients at the Clinic opt for interest free finance plans, and as well as this you can also avail of 20% tax relief on the cost of the treatment. For all the best prices and offers in Ireland’s most respected Eye Clinic, visit the Optilase website.

Is it for you?
So now that you’ve found out a bit more on what you can expect if you go ahead with the surgery, is it time to find out whether or not it’s the treatment for you?

Unfortunately Laser Eye Surgery might not be an option for everyone. It is generally carried out on people with short or long-sight, over the age of 18, and who have had a stable prescription for at least two years. It is not however recommended for correcting reading prescriptions, also known as presbyopia, as these prescriptions change as you get older.
Some high prescriptions are also not suitable for laser surgery, although they may be corrected via a method of non-laser eye surgery, known as clear lens exchange. The best way to determine if you are a suitable candidate or not is to call Optilase and avail of their free consultation, there you will meet with one of their Optometrists who will examine your sight and run through the best options for your sight, whether that be Laser Eye Surgery or another treatment.

Safety first
If you’ve been worried about possible complications during surgery or about the safety of the procedure then it’s time to put your mind at ease. In Optilase, your safety is the team’s No. 1 priority. Using the most advanced and safest laser technology and all of Optilase’s Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists, Laser Technicians and surgery nurses are highly experienced and fully accredited.

Optilase is the only Eye Clinic in Ireland to offer every patient a Lifetime Care Guarantee, and in truth this is something that money can’t buy. Think of it as the great comfort blanket that it is as the Optilase Lifetime Care Guarantee will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Depending on how your sight has progressed, this may be an average of four post-operative appointments throughout the year. Many patients agree that the Lifetime Care Guarantee really eases any apprehensions they might have about Laser Eye Surgery, what better way to start your journey than to know that you have a medical team behind you that will support you before and after, priceless.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding your treatment. And remember, over 99% of Optilase’s patients recommend them, and happy customers are the path to great results for you.

Before you book, take a look!
Before you decide to go ahead with the surgery, it’s a good idea to talk to people who have already had Laser Eye Surgery to find out about their experiences. Ask your family and friends for recommendations, and do some research. There is plenty of information on Opilase’s website including a comprehensive frequently asked questions section, which can be a really helpful starting point.

Take no chances, call the best Eye Clinic in Ireland today
As Ireland’s leading Laser Eye Clinic, Optilase offers the very highest level of patient care including a lifetime care guarantee, the safest and most precise technology, at the most affordable prices.

As are a proud, family-owned Irish business, team Optilase are delighted to have some of the world’s leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists and Medical Staff working on the team, all of whom are focused on providing the very best laser eye treatment available, using the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Optilase is Ireland’s largest Eye Clinic with Clinics, all over the Island of Ireland, including four in Northern Ireland.

For more information on Laser Eye Surgery, and on starting your path to great vision, call Optilase to book your free consultation on +353 1 223 8821 now, and we promise - you’ll soon see the difference!

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