4 things to look for in a Laser Eye Surgery provider

04 Oct 2020

Ready to wave goodbye to a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses? If so, you might be on the lookout for the No. 1 eye surgery providers for Laser Eye Surgery, Reading Vision Correction or Refractive lens surgery. Like any important surgery you’ll want the best in market care, so here’s four things to help you find the best provider for your surgery.

Experience is key when choosing a provider, so look for a team who have been around a long time and who have extensive experience. Since 2003 Optilase’s expert team of Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons and qualified Optometrists at Optilase have performed over 40,000 laser eye surgeries across the Island of Ireland. That’s a lot of patients, and a lot of happy patients with brand new vision! 99% of patients recommend Optilase, so you won’t be sorry you called.

Best in market
Finding the best provider is never an easy task, but once you do you’ll never look back.
The team at Optilase believes that laser eye surgery should revolve around the patient and because of this they are committed to providing patients with the latest and most effective products, surgery techniques and care programmes. Their passion for delivering exceptional results shines through in everything they do and as Ireland’s No.1 Eye surgery providers they are constantly seeking ways to improve their services.

Lifetime care guarantee
Lifetime Care Guarantee is something that money can’t buy. It’s peace of mind, and trust all rolled into one. Optilase offers a free Lifetime Care Guarantee as part of their ongoing commitment to patients and will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Depending on individual cases, this may contain an average of four post-operative appointments to attend throughout the year.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding the treatment.

Free consultation and offers flexibility
With clinics nationwide and flexible opening hours including weekends and late evenings, including Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork, Optilase’s experienced team will be delighted to welcome you for a free consultation.

We offer the flexibility of appointments at weekends and late evenings because our patients are always at the core of our business, and so we can build your consultation, treatment and after-care around your busy schedule.

Ireland’s No. 1 Laser Eye Surgery Providers
Optilase is Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery clinic, and as one of the first private clinics to be established in the country, is renowned for providing exceptional laser eye surgery in Ireland.

Optilase are a proud, family-owned Irish business and are privileged to have some of the world’s leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists and Medical Staff working on the Optilase team, all of whom are focused on providing the very best laser eye treatment available, using the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Let Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery provider take you on your Laser Eye Surgery journey! Since 2003 Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted private eye surgery clinic, performing over 40,000 eye surgeries since its inception in the market - making it a household name that can be trusted.

Don’t delay - Call us now
For more information on Optilase and the services we offer call +353 1 223 8821 now, and we promise - you’ll see the difference!

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