98Fm’s Brian Maher shares his laser eye surgery experience at Optilase

19 May 2015

As if you weren’t already aware, laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular with every passing year as people, in ever increasing numbers, are opting to ditch their eyewear by undergoing what is a life changing procedure in just ten minutes!
Just ask Brian Maher of Dublin’s 98FM, the latest Irish celebrity (others include rugby player Doug Howlett, model Roz Purcell and hurler Donal Og Cusack) to undergo laser eye surgery with Optilase Clinic.

Just ten minutes is all it takes!

Now we’re not here to tell you how to spend your time but seriously, there aren’t too many important things in life that can be achieved in a tiny little ten minute window, are there?
Take buying glasses for example. How long does it take to choose a new pair of glasses? Might seem simple enough but actually, when you think about it, it’s a pretty time consuming and arduous process: What colour frame? What brand will I go for? What shape suits my face? All of these little considerations are greatly magnified when it comes to the act of actually buying them!
(Let’s just say that if you can pick the perfect pair of glasses at the first time of asking, without having to traipse from shop to shop humming and hawing over which pair suits you best then you’re definitely in the minority!)

Once you know the facts, laser eye surgery is an easy choice

People who wear glasses by and large tend to do so for many years. Because of this, they simply become accustomed to wearing them; their glasses become part of who they are and part of their physical appearance.
This is why it can take many glasses wearers a period of years to consider what it might be like to not have to wear glasses, and to finally come to the realisation that actually there is no reason why they even have to wear glasses at all, thanks to laser eye surgery.

Brian Maher’s laser eye surgery journey


Brian Maher was very much of this school of thought, until hey presto, that light bulb moment finally dawned - ie that moment when he finally wondered why he was still wearing glasses at all when there existed a simple ten minute procedure which could give make him glasses free and give him perfect vision!
Of course initially, Brian had the same fears and concerns that everyone has prior to undergoing laser eye surgery: Will it hurt? Will it work? Will my eyes be perfect afterwards? What if something goes wrong?
These are all completely natural and perfectly legitimate concerns to have and that’s why we offer a free consultation which allows us to meet with you to address all of your concerns and issues, prior to deciding whether to proceed.
"Afterwards, I was able to look down the street and see people’s faces that I would never normally be able to do without my glasses, it was just such an amazing moment!"
Once Brian met with one of our specialist Laser Optometrists as well as our Opthalmic Surgeon prior to his laser surgery being scheduled, he was surprised (and of course delighted) that all of his initial fears and worries disappeared as a result of being addressed.
The reason for this lies in our open and honest approach that we take to dealing with our patients; we know how big a decision it is to go for laser eye surgery so we go to great lengths to explain absolutely everything you ever need to know about what is involved.
We separate the facts from the myths and in doing so, give you the tools to make an informed decision that you will be happy with, one way or the other.

Another success – another person with perfect vision!

At Optilase, we are 100% patient focused – and that means that we are only happy when our patients report back that their lives have been transformed as a result of laser eye surgery! And thankfully, 98 fm’s Brian Maher is another patient who is delighted that he took the step to have laser eye surgery… for the reasons outlined below!
1. Perfect vision
Brian Maher: “I’ve had perfect vision for over a year and a half after going to Optilase”.
2. Able to read car things like car registrations!
Brian Maher: “I remember afterwards just stepping outside and being able to see car registrations straight away, I was able to look down the street and see people’s faces that I would never normally be able to do without my glasses, it was just such an amazing moment!”
3. Some of his friends have even had it done since!
Brian Maher: “If someone was going to have laser eye surgery I couldn’t speak highly enough of it. I would tell them to have it straight away. In fact, a good few friends of mine have had it done since!”.

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