After Laser Eye Surgery

28 Jul 2013

At Optilase clinics, we only use the most advanced and sophisticated technology to correct a patient’s vision which minimizes any trauma suffered by the eye.


The procedure itself usually takes less than 15 minutes and the entire eye is numbed so that you don’t feel a thing.


After the procedure a clear shield similar to a pair of goggles will be placed in front of your eyes which will limit your vision ability, so it is recommended that you have someone pick you up after surgery.


The anesthetic eye drops will begin to wear off and you may experience some mild discomfort and you gradually get more feeling back in your eyes. It is recommended that you use antibiotic eye drops to prevent any infections developing.

When can I get back to my normal routine?

Most people are back into the swing of things within 48 hours, but it is sometimes recommended that you avoid driving for up to a week after laser eye surgery as your eyes are still adjusting. Your binocular vision will be affected which can make judging distance difficult so taking a break from driving is the responsible and safe thing to do.

Don’t worry about fluctuating vision at first

In the days after laser eye surgery, don’t fret if you experience some momentary long or short sightedness. The ocular acuity of your eyes will eventually stabilize.

What to avoid after laser eye surgery

  • Direct sunlight: After laser eye surgery your eyes will be extra sensitive to natural and artificial light, so it is wise to wear sunglasses when outdoors and avoiding very bright rooms.
  • Cosmetics and soaps: Getting soap in your eye is annoying at the best of times, but if it happens just after you get laser eye surgery, it could spell disaster. Synthetic chemicals should not go near the eyes for at least a week after surgery.
  • Dry or dusty environments: During extended dry periods of weather there can be more dust in the air which can cause irritation if it makes contact with your eyes post-surgery so they should be avoided at all costs.
Lifetime guarantee

Your post-operative appointment will determine how well your eyes are healing and to make sure the surgery was successful.


An added bonus of investing in laser eye surgery at Optilase is that we offer a Lifetime Care Guarantee to ensure the long-term health of your vision.


To book your free consultation with Optilase call +353 1 223 8821.

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