Get Life Back in Focus with Presbia from Optilase

04 Oct 2013

Corneal inlays like Presbia represent the huge advances that have been made in ophthalmology over the past 30 years.


Taking the idea of a contact lens one step further, biocompatible inlays are fast becoming the prescription of choice for presbyopic patients.

How presbyopia affects your daily vision

Nowadays, you more than likely find yourself using a computer or laptop for extended periods of time, as well as relying on your Smartphone and having numerous conversations in close proximity with another person. All these routines tend to require vision ranging from 20-120 cm from your eyes.


If you suffer from presbyopia, it is this vision range that is affected making routine tasks more difficult as you squinting at objects up close or finding yourself holding objects at arm’s length in a bid to make text and images appear clearer.

Types of vision

Near vision: Generally recognized as being able to see objects two feet or closer, any deterioration of your near vision from the age of 40 onwards could be a symptom of presbyopia.


Distance vision: Commonly referred to as 20/20 vision, if you are able to see objects from 20 feet away clearly you are deemed to have good distance vision.


Intermediate vision: How well you see objects at arm’s length is often used to gauge intermediate vision.


Central vision: When looking straight ahead, your field of vision is defined by light entering the eye that focuses directly on the centre of the retina (macula) at the back of your eye.


Peripheral vision: Forming part of your vision that falls outside the centremost gaze, humans have relatively poor peripheral vision because there is a low density of receptor cells along the edges of the retina.


Near vision restored with the Presbia inlay

The Presbia inlay is implanted in the cornea of your less dominant eye, the inlay uses a refractive index to correct near vision.


Intermediate vision isn’t compromised either allowing you to easily switch from close to medium vision ranges.


To find out more about changes in your vision or if you are interested in treating your presbyopia with a corneal inlay, book your free consultation at Optilase by calling +353 1 223 8821 or visit

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