Laser Eye Surgery vs Contact Lenses – How do the Costs Compare?

13 Jul 2020

When it comes to exploring the laser eye surgery option, top of the list of questions for many people is that of cost: just how expensive is laser eye surgery and how does the cost of laser eye surgery compare with that of contact lenses, when you consider the once-off cost of laser eye surgery, versus the on-going monthly cost of contacts?

Here at Optilase, we want to break it down for you and help you make the call that’s right for you.

The cost of laser eye surgery
Back in the day, when laser eye surgery was still in its infancy, the cost of laser eye surgery was exorbitant and beyond the financial means of most people.

Now however, laser eye surgery is extremely common and accessible to all, probably for the following three reasons:

1. It is now safer than ever before and therefore there is very little risk associated with it
2. It is now an incredibly quick and simple procedure (quick as in 10 minutes quick!)
3. Owing to technological advances as well as economies of scale, it is now cheaper and more affordable than ever before.

But how does this cost compare with the contact lens option, and is it better value for money in the long run?

The cost of Lasik laser eye surgery

So, with the average LASIK treatment costing €795 per eye, the total cost of the laser eye surgery procedure works out at approximately €1,590*.

But, bear in mind that this is a total once-off cost – this equates to just €132.50 per month over 12 months, or €66.25 per month over 24 months. Or to go one step further, if annualised over a period of 20 years the cost of laser eye surgery works out at just €6.62 per month!

Whatever way you wish to break down the cost of laser eye surgery, the value for money of LASIK laser eye surgery is evident

It’s also important to note all pre and post-operative consultations are included in the overall costs, so there are no hidden extras - what you see is what you get!

So, what about the cost of contact lenses?
The average monthly cost of daily disposable contact lenses is approximately €20 – not a figure that would break the bank for most.

But here’s the thing - where we divided the total cost of LASIK laser eye surgery into different monthly instalments to show the total costs spread out over different monthly intervals, in the case of contact lenses we need to do the opposite and multiply the monthly cost of lenses over, let’s say, a 20 year period.

Why? Well simply put, anyone who wears contact lenses will need to purchase them each and every month for many years. As a result, you need to look at the overall cost over this extended period of time.

Think of it like this – you don’t just look at the cost of one monthly mortgage payment; instead, you need to look at your total monthly payments over the course of the mortgage term to see the true repayment cost total!

So, to wear contact lenses over a 20-year period will actually cost you €20 per month for a period of 240 months. In other words, your contact lenses will cost you €4,800 in total.

It is also worth noting that that figure only covers the lenses themselves; you will also need to factor in eye tests, changes to prescriptions, etc so the overall cost will be even higher than this.

You do the maths!
The simple fact of the matter, as outlined above, is that continuing to wear contacts lenses will be infinitely more expensive than choosing to undergo LASIK laser eye surgery with Optilase Clinic.

Where laser eye surgery gives you perfect vision and is permanent, contact lenses are an ongoing and constant monthly expense that you will keep on incurring year after year.

Ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. Laser eye surgery that will cost you just a total of approximately €1,590* over the course of your lifetime or contact lenses that will cost you €4,800 over a period of just 20 years?!

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