The Customer Journey with Optilase

03 Dec 2012

People are quite apprehensive about the idea of Laser Eye Surgery, and even though the results can be life-changing, there is often a degree of nervousness about the whole thing.
No need to be worried; Optilase consider it very important to take the time to spend with clients so every question is answered and every concern addressed openly and comprehensibly. No vagueness; no unexplained medical terminology, no wondering about what happens next.
Your first consultation is free. Free! On this visit, you’ll meet your laser Optometrist, go through your vision history and issues, and they will carry out detailed scans and tests on your eyes. This will determine if you’re a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.
The Optometrist will explain the procedures in detail to you, answering any questions you have at that point. It takes about an hour or so.
The next step in the process is to meet your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon; if you have travelled a distance to the clinic or if it would suit you better, in some cases you can book an appointment to see him the same day as your initial consultation.
The surgeon will carry out more detailed eye exams; he’s the guy performing the surgery so he provides final approval once he’s had a thorough check. He’s the man to ask about all the technical details, and he’ll answer all of your questions so you are completely comfortable and know what to expect.
After your chat with the surgeon, the clinic administration team will go through all of the paperwork with you, payment details, your treatment date and time and so on.
On the day of your laser treatment you’ll be under the care of the whole team. The attention to each client is absolute; you have surgery nurses, the laser technician who looks after the machine, the support staff and of course the Surgeon.
You must bring a friend or family member on the day as depending on which procedure you’re having, your vision may be a bit blurry for a while afterwards and you won’t be able to drive.
The actual laser treatment is really quick. It surprises most people, as they’d made such a big deal about it in their head. It actually only takes about 7 minutes per eye, and the laser is used for between 5 and 30 seconds.
You’re completely awake and functioning through the whole procedure; they use anaesthetic drops in your eyes so you feel nothing and are in complete control. It’s painless and totally accurate, using a state of the art computerised laser.
After the treatment, you’ll just relax for a while as the nurse explains the aftercare program, gives you a post-operative information pack with eye drops and instructions, as well as a 24- hour patient care helpline number.
Optilase provide a Lifetime Guarantee on their work, and give you a comprehensive aftercare programme for a year after your treatment. This includes an average of 6 post-op visits to the clinic (around 20 minutes or so each), and even after that their door is always open for any questions or concerns. Learn more about the Customer Journey with Optilase watch the video here.
You will feel completely taken care of, and any anxiety you ever had about eye surgery will melt away-you’ll be thrilled with your results and wonder what took you so long.
For a free consultation call Optilase on +353 1 223 8821.

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