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Eye strain, how you can prevent it and the 20-20-20 rule

30 Apr 2021
Spending long periods looking at computer, phone, or tablet screens can strain your eyes, and with over a year of Lockdown behind us, chances are that at some stage you’ve felt the stresses associated with this. To help alleviate the challenges associated with eye strain, a British eye health charity, Fight for Sight, is recommending […]
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Laser Eye Surgery - Fact vs fiction, what you need to know!

23 Apr 2021
Laser Eye Surgery - Fact vs fiction, what you need to know! Interested in Laser Eye Surgery and want to find out a little bit more information about the procedure, and the results it can bring you? Over 30 million people worldwide have had the popular surgery, in Ireland alone thousands of people have the […]
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5 questions to ask yourself if you’re interested in getting Laser Eye Surgery

16 Apr 2021
5 questions to ask yourself if you’re interested in getting Laser Eye Surgery Indecisive about Laser Eye Surgery, or not yet fully convinced it’s the way forward for you? 30 million people across the World have looked to the popular surgery to restore their sight, letting them experience a whole new side to life. Optilase […]
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Change your sight from soft focus to high definition with Optilase today

09 Apr 2021
Change your sight from soft focus to high definition with Optilase today Ever wondered what life would be like if you had 20/20 vision? Thought about life without glasses or contacts, or simply wondered what it would be like to wake up to fresh, clear vision first thing in the morning? After living your life […]
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Start your adventure to better sight with Optilase today

02 Apr 2021
If you’ve ever had a conversation with a friend who’s had Eye Surgery, then the chances are that you might have heard them say one of these statements; I lost my ability to see things up close, and became completely reliant on reading glasses. Delighted that I made the decision to have laser eye surgery. […]
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3 reasons to seriously start considering Laser Eye Surgery

26 Mar 2021
Everybody, it seems, has a different notion of what self care is. Is it going for a walk, doing some exercise, going to the dentist, having a treat or getting a procedure done that could restore your sight to the best it’s ever been? Or could it be all of these? Of course it could. […]
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Refer a friend to Optilase and earn €€€ today!

19 Mar 2021
If you’ve recently had Laser Eye Surgery with Optilase, then the chances are that you feel like shouting from the rooftops about it! We hope you found your experience with Optilase to be a positive and life changing one - is it time to share that journey with your family and friends? What if there […]
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The A-Z of Eye Surgery from Optilase, Ireland’s top Private Eye Clinic

12 Mar 2021
Ah good vision, just more proof that youth really is wasted on the young! If you’ve been suffering with bad eyesight, or are interested in looking after your sight as you get older then it’s a good idea to find out a little more about what’s available to you when you decide to take the […]
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Everything you need to know about Optilase, Ireland's No.1 Private Eye Clinic

05 Mar 2021
So you’re ready to learn more about eye surgery and how it could potentially make your eyesight better - you’ve always wanted to try Laser Eye Surgery or you’ve been having issues with your Cataracts or are considering Reading Vision Correction. What’s the next step for you? First off a good place to start is […]
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Laser Eye Surgery - where to start and what you need to know...

26 Feb 2021
Procrastination is something that many of us suffer from - whether it’s something you do before going to the dentist, having a minor procedure looked after or suffer from before taking the final steps to start something life changing like Laser Eye Surgery, you’re in good company. But when it comes to your sight, there […]
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