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Laser Eye Surgery during Lockdown with Optilase

06 Nov 2020
If the amount of time reading, working, studying or just catching up on Netflix during the pandemic is reinforcing the fact that you’d like to learn more about Laser Eye Surgery, or it’s something that you’ve thought about for a while then and there really is no time like the present. Laser Eye Surgery really […]
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Optilase’s FAQ list - all the Laser Eye Surgery questions you want answers to

30 Oct 2020
You’ve finally made your mind up, you’re signing up to the unknown. Saying goodbye forever to your glasses and contacts, and moving over to the wonderful life that Laser Eye Surgery promises. But, there is a but. While you’re not afraid of the procedure, or even some possible side effects, you do have a LOT […]
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Laser Eye Surgery suitability - what you need to know

12 Mar 2020
As one of the most popular eye surgeries the World over, Laser Eye Surgery can certainly seem like a very attractive option if you’ve suffered at the hands of bad sight over the years. And why not, it’s fast, affordable and absolutely life changing - so where’s the snag? Well the good news is that […]
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Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation: What to expect

05 Mar 2020
If you have struggled with your sight and worn glasses or contacts for most of your life, then you’ll know about the inconvenience and cost of keeping your prescriptions and eyes in general good health. Ever thought about Laser Eye Surgery? Optilase are Ireland’s No.1 Eye Surgery providers, with Clinics throughout the Island of Ireland. […]
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Your Laser Eye Surgery journey with Optilase - This is what it looks like

14 Feb 2020
So you’ve bitten the bullet - no more contacts or glasses, next step is Laser Eye Surgery, great vision awaits! You’ve done your research too, you’re going to have your procedure carried out at Ireland’s No.1 Eye Surgery Professionals, Optilase. But what will your Laser Eye Surgery journey look like? Here we run through the […]
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