Are you the Perfect Presbia Patient?

01 Oct 2013

If you have been diagnosed with presbyopia, you will know that it is a condition that presents in patients, usually over the age of 40.


Not only that, but you may also have explored the corrective measures available outside of glasses and contacts, such as corneal inlay procedures like the Presbia microlens.


But before you undergo any such procedure, it must first be established as to whether you are a perfect Presbia patient.

Want to get rid of Reading Glasses?

The eye, like every other part of the body succumbs to the aging process and becomes less powerful. Near vision is weakened as the lens becomes inflexible and the muscles that control it lose their elasticity.


The ideal Presbia patient must be committed to the process and genuinely want to significantly reduce or completely eliminate a dependence on reading glasses or contact lens.

What are your motivating factors?

Men and women tend to have different motivating factors when it comes to the reasoning behind opting for corneal inlays, but the most common are lifestyle or cosmetic reasons.


During your consultation at Optilase, you will undergo a thorough eye examination to determine your particular prescription and general eye health, as well as taking into account how your presbyopia has progressed since it first presented itself.

Think about your near vision needs

It is important for you to consider your usual reading distance and daily habits, for example, do you trawl through the paper every day, or read a lot of books or are you more of a skim-reader here and there?


Computer use is another factor to take into account, especially if you spend a large part of your day in front of a screen.

Selection criteria

In terms of particular selection guidelines for presbyopic patients suitable for the Presbia Flexivue Microlens, just some of the criteria include:

  • Stable refraction (prescription change less that +/- 0.5D in the last 6 months)
  • No ocular diseases have been diagnosed
  • Intraocular pressure inside the eye is normal
  • Non-dominant eye determined
  • Pupil is round and responds to light
  • Cornea is healthy and is at least 500 microns thick

To find out more about Presbia and whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, call to book your free consultation on +353 1 223 8821 or visit

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