Change your sight from soft focus to high definition with Optilase today

09 Apr 2021

Change your sight from soft focus to high definition with Optilase today
Ever wondered what life would be like if you had 20/20 vision? Thought about life without glasses or contacts, or simply wondered what it would be like to wake up to fresh, clear vision first thing in the morning? After living your life in soft focus, everything can really change to high definition with a trip to Optilase for Laser Eye Surgery.

So why Optilase? If you’ve heard the hype about Ireland’s No.1 Private Eyecare Provider, you’ll know that the team at Optilase are well respected and market leading. Over the last twenty years they have restored the sight of thousands of customers, permanently correcting the sight of patients and making this dream an everyday reality.

Let’s take a look at how a trip to Optilase for a free consultation might change your sight, and ultimately your life.

Try before you buy
Laser Eye Surgery can be a little daunting for some people, and Optilase understands why. ‘Any type of Surgery is bound to create a little anxiety, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re so proud of our free consultation. Available and free to every customer, it’s a chance to get any questions you have answered, and find out what you should expect as you start on your journey to better sight, ‘ says Phillip McGlade, CEO of Optilase.

So what exactly happens when you call Optilase to have a free consultation? Let’s start by saying you can rest assured that there are no gimmicks, and you have no commitment when you book a consultation to learn more about Laser Eye Surgery with Optilase!

If you’re feeling a little bit anxious about the surgery then you can rest assured that starting your journey to better sight really couldn’t be easier once you book your free consultation with Optilase. Once you’ve made an enquiry you’ll have a one to one consultation with our team, at a time that suits you. At the consultation, Team Optilase will assess your sight, listen to your concerns and talk to you about the best options to improve your sight. The team will also determine your suitability for the surgery during this time.

The consultation only takes an hour, and after this you’ll have a full comprehensive plan of the next steps - it’s a free service that the company offers to all our customers and it’s a great opportunity for potential patients to experience the quality of care and expertise before making any commitment.

Next steps to better sight
If you decide to go ahead with the surgery then the next step is to meet with your Surgeon.
Once this happens your Surgeon will carry out a further eye exam and give the final approval required for surgery to go ahead. They’ll talk you through the technical aspects of your Laser Eye Surgery and resolve any additional questions or queries.

Following this final talk with the Surgeon, the team will go through all of the necessary paperwork and confirm the date and time of your procedure. It really couldn’t be easier, and by now hopefully you’ll be feeling at ease with the Surgery, and able to think again about the life changing impact of gaining better sight, and how much simpler life is about to get for you.

Time to see the difference? Optilase, Ireland’s no.1 Private Eye Care providers can help.

Your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure
The day has arrived! At Optilase, you can rest assured you’re in the safe hands and capable care of the team - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, nurses, laser technicians and other professional support staff members. Your Laser Eye treatment takes, on average, seven minutes per eye. It’s a very short procedure with a lasting, life-changing outcome.

Following the operation, you can relax while the Optilase team explains everything about the aftercare programme. They’ll give you a post-operative information pack containing eye drops and a schedule of when to take them. This will also include a 24 hour patient helpline number should you need any more information.

Cost in Optilase - things to consider

Worried about the cost or wondering if you can really afford the procedure? Here’s a little bit of good news. Because of the popularity, and the great results of the surgery Laser Eye Surgery has become a lot more affordable. Advances in technology too have made a difference to cost, making it more affordable than ever.

So what does the cost of surgery look like? Like the old saying goes where there is a will, there is a way. Laser Eye Surgery in Optilase starts at just 36 euro a month, making it an affordable option for almost everyone.

If you’re worried about the cost don’t be, many Optilase patients at the Clinic opt for interest free finance plans, and as well as this you can also avail of 20% tax relief on the cost of the treatment. For all the best prices and offers in Ireland’s most respected Eye Clinic, visit the Optilase website.

Everything you need to know about Aftercare
Aftercare is one of the most important steps in any surgery, in fact it’s vital if you’re to get the most from your procedure and want to see the best results. Optilase put a huge emphasis on ensuring you get the best aftercare, and this is how they do it.

To start with, the team will give you a post-operative information pack containing eye drops and a schedule of when to take them. This will also include Optilase’s 24 hour patient helpline number should you need any more information.

With Optilase you’ve also got the comfort of a free Lifetime Care Guarantee as part of their ongoing commitment and aftercare to patients, it will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Depending on individual cases, this may contain an average of four post-operative appointments to attend throughout the year.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding the treatment.

Other questions you may have
Feel like you still have one hundred questions for the team? Don’t worry at all, that’s perfectly normal and the team in Optilase will only be delighted to answer them for you, and put your mind to rest. Having been in the business of bringing better sight to thousands of customers across ireland - your question will be nothing they haven’t heard before so don’t be shy, that’s what they are there for!

There are a number of questions that most customers seem to have, and you can find these along with their answers on the Optilase website.

Put your trust in Optilase today, you won’t regret it
Come around to the idea of finding out more about Laser Eye Surgery? Put your trust in the best and give the team in Optilase a call today.

Market leaders in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2003, Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted Private Eye Surgery Providers, performing over 40,000 eye surgeries since its inception in the market - making it a household name that can be trusted.

Experience too, makes Optilase the easy choice to go for. Optilase consultants are among the best in the industry and are expertly qualified to deliver the best possible outcome, and all of their Consultant Team members are all registered with the Irish Medical Council. The team are proud to offer you the latest techniques for your eye surgery and because we use state-of-the-art equipment, our clinics and the experience and results we deliver, are second to none.

With no hidden costs or upselling, a lot of Optilase patients end up paying less than our published price. And that’s always a plus, especially when you are guaranteed to receive Ireland’s No.1 professional eye surgery experience with great results.

Call Optilase today for your free Laser Eye Surgery consultation

Let’s get your journey started, you’re now armed with plenty of information to help you make the best decisions for your sight. Take one more step, and have a chat with Ireland’s most informed and experienced eye surgery team today. Call Optilase on +353 1 223 8821

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