Could You be Suitable For Vision Correction Treatment?

24 Apr 2012

Why do some Glasses and contact lens wearers take so long to have life-changing vision correction treatment?


Glasses and contact lens wearers are all too aware of the potential benefits of having the life-changing treatment that is laser eye surgery. When asked what took patients so long to make up their minds, the fear factor is usually sited.


You may be surprised to learn that the most common response immediately after surgery is for a patient to wonder just why they were so nervous and regret waiting so long to go ahead with the procedure. “Piece of cake”, “walk in the park” are just a couple of patient’s responses! “I think the word “laser” and “surgery” make it sound extreme! We hear “surgery” and we think it must be painful!”, said another patient.


“From the very first consultation at Optilase, I was made to feel incredibly relaxed and at ease. Each member of the team from my Optometrist to my Surgeon, Mr. Conall Hurley made the experience entirely smooth and worry-free”, continued Cork patient Sinead O’Brien.


Optilase uses the world’s safest and most precise technology in the world including the blade free, IntraLase method. Their experienced team of Surgeons has carried out over 40,000 laser eye surgery procedures, and are leaders in their field, in Ireland, Europe and Worldwide.


Why not find out if you are a suitable candidate? Consultations are free of charge. Visit Optilase at 19B Opera Lane, phone +353 1 223 8821 or email or visit:

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