Does Constant Reading Hurt my Eyesight?

14 Jan 2014

If you are an avid reader of everything from the daily newspaper to the latest best-selling paperback, you will rely to a greater extent on your eyes working effectively at all times.


However, if you are over forty and find yourself holding material at arm’s length or squinting to make out the small print, it may be because your eyes’ ability to focus quickly and clearly has diminished.


Presbyopia is an age-related condition that is caused by parts of the eye succumbing to the ageing process. It affects how well the eye is able to focus on objects up close, which is why presbyopia is commonly treated with reading glasses.

What can I do to help my eyes stay young?

Presbyopia becomes apparent over a period of time when the lens and the ciliary muscle that control how it get stiffer and  less flexible.


It is worth getting your eyes checked every two years to monitor any changes in your vision, but if you already begrudgingly use reading glasses, then it may be worth exploring the alternatives out there:


KAMRA: A lens with a small opening in the centre is inserted into the cornea of the non-dominant eye to create a pinhole effect in the centre of the pupil. This produces a greater depth of focus by centralizing light entering the eye so clear near vision is restored.


PRESBIA: A microlens is inserted into a small pocket created in the cornea of the patient’s non-dominant eye to improve near vision. The microlens allows light rays to be focused correctly at the back of the eye.

Reducing eye strain

When reading, make sure there is enough light to see the text comfortably but avoid over exposure to really bright light – reading outdoors in direct sunlight can cause you to squint.


Avoid reading in dull or low light conditions, as the eye is forced to work harder which can lead to eye strain or headaches.


It is worth taking regular breaks to rest the eyes, which means putting down your book, even if you’re dying to see what happens next.


The same principle applies to study or work, because you won’t absorb as much information or see errors when eyes are tired. If you can get up and walk around to get the circulation going and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and eyes.


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