Get rid of reading glasses with new eye treatment called Presbia

07 Nov 2014

As the ageing process takes hold and we are unceremoniously propelled – often most ungraciously and indeed ungracefully - into our 40s, (yes, middle age!) one thing we could always be pretty certain of was that our bodies would slowly begin to creak and ache, and with it our eyesight would inevitably diminish, making the once simple pleasure of reading a book nothing but a troublesome chore.
Whilst we at Optilase would of course love nothing more than to be able to offer the complete cure for all of those aches and pains which are an unfortunate, yet inevitable, by-product of ageing, what we can offer is a wonderful, reading vision treatment (Presbia microlens, to be precise), which will allow you to free yourself of reading glasses forever!
Imagine? No reading glasses ever again. Just think about it. Instead of spending half your day (well, am I right?) searching high and low for those magically disappearing reading glasses - muttering under your breath as your search becomes more and more frantic, until you finally give up looking altogether out of sheer frustration – this simple, painless, 10-minute treatment offered at Optilase Dublin, can free you from your reading glasses for good!
The treatment itself is specifically designed for those suffering from presbyopia, which is essentially a medical term for age-related long sightedness. Affecting people as they hit their forties and middle age, this ailment is caused by the hardening of the lens in the eye, which prevents the eye from adjusting and bringing close up objects into focus. The result is that sufferers end up having to hold an object at arm’s length just to be able to see it clearly. (Oh and by the way, there are over 1.7bn people worldwide and approximately 23m people in Britain alone who suffer from presbyopia, so you are certainly not alone!)

Reclaim your visual freedom of years gone by. 
The Presbia treatment helps rejuvenate your near vision.
In terms of how it works, the procedure involves implanting a tiny, prescriptive Presbia microlens lens (tiny as in one quarter the thickness of a single human hair), into a small pocket in the cornea of the patient’s non- dominant eye. This pocket seals itself, holding the tiny lens perfectly in place. The microlens is invisible in the eye, and is as easy to remove and replace (should the patient require a more powerful lens at some stage in the future), as it is to install in the first place.
Optilase also offers Kamra Vision treatment, a very similar form of treatment for presbyopia. This method involves placing a tiny ring (which has a hole in the middle of it) under the surface of the cornea, directly over the centre of the pupil. Again, a painless, 10 minute treatment that makes reading glasses a thing of the past!
(Oh and by the way, you will be interested to hear that a number of very well known people including model and presenter, Celia Holman Lee, television presenter Pamela Ballantine, and Northern Ireland football legend Gerry Armstrong, have all had their vision (and their lives), completely transformed by choosing the corneal inlay treatment cure for presbyopia....and the only thing they regret is not having had it done sooner!)
To find out if you are a suitable candidate for this life-changing procedure contact Optilase today on +353 1 223 8821 or fill out the green contact form above right. See the Difference with Optilase!


Article written by Alan Shanley



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