Is Your Vision Blurring?

30 Nov 2012

We never realise it’ll happen to us, but many of us who have hitherto had great vision experience blurring when it comes to trying to read. There are a few different reasons for this, but often it’s a condition called presbyopia, or aging of the eye.
The crystalline lens in the eye tends to stiffen and get dryer with age, so we have trouble focusing on objects that are near as the lens can’t be squeezed into place by the eye muscles to form a clear image anymore. For this reason, many of us end up being dependent on reading glasses or corrective eyewear.
Now you can free yourself from your dependence on reading glasses, as Optilase are exclusively offering a procedure called Presbia™ to help patients with presbyopia. This procedure is exclusive to Optilase in Ireland and is a quick, simple procedure that gives you back your near vision.

What is Presbia™

Presbia™ is a quick, safe and effective procedure that will help you regain close vision after age-related blurring of near objects has become an issue for you.
When you book a free consultation at the Optilase Clinic nearest you, the Optometrist will assess your eyes and see if Presbia™ is a good solution for your vision problems. If you wear reading glasses and are aged 40-60, you probably have presbyopia and may be a good candidate.
A tiny, very thin polymer lens is implanted in a little pocket in the cornea of one eye. This lens, the Presbia Flexivue Microlens™, is permeable and allows nutrient flow within the cornea, so maintains eye health. It’s biocompatible with your body and is invisible to the naked eye once it’s in.
The Presbia™ lens will help your eye focus the light entering it correctly onto the retina at the back of the eye, so you can form a clear image easily. All of a sudden near objects like your newspaper, mobile phone, menus and small details become clear, and you can put your reading glasses away.

Who is suitable for Presbia™?

The rate of eye aging affects everyone differently, and is sometimes dependent on other medical or hereditary factors. Usually, people start to notice problems reading close objects after age 40, when they find themselves holding things at arm’s length to try to focus on them. Many have bought reading glasses but have to keep taking them on and off, as distance vision is usually fine.
Talk to Optilase on +353 1 223 8821; book yourself a free consultation, and discover if you’re a candidate for Presbia. Be free from those specs!

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