KAMRA and Presbia - Your Solutions to Near Vision Problems

02 Jul 2013

KAMRA and Presbia are both methods of dealing with near vision problems like presbyopia, the ageing of the eye that makes the crystalline lens stiffen and unable to accommodate clear focus on near objects.


Each method involves placing an inlay in a layer of the cornea, but each has a slightly different mechanism of action.


Both Kamra and Presbia require an inlay in only one of the patient’s eyes-the non-dominant eye, usually. This leaves the dominant eye free for distance vision.

How KAMRA and Presbia Work

They both work slightly differently - the KAMRA increases the depth of focus through a sort of pinhole, like the zoom feature on a camera. It corals the light entering the eye, getting rid of the scattered rays, and focuses it better onto the retina for a clearer image to be formed.


The Flexivue Microlens works by changing the central refractive index in the eye, bending the light like your own lens used to do when it was flexible, and focuses it onto the retina.

Getting an Optical Inlay

Both procedures are swift and painless; the ophthalmic surgeon makes a little pocket in one of the layers of the cornea, using a femtosecond laser. The eye is numbed with anaesthetic drops so the patient feels nothing and there is no discomfort to the patient during the procedure.


The surgeon then slips the inlay into place and the eye heals on its own in a couple of days.


All inlays are made from biocompatible polymers so the body accepts them happily without any negative reaction, and they are also permeable to allow nutrients to flow around the eye.

Which Procedure is Right for Me?


Optilase offer a free consultation service to every potential patient, during which you will be assessed by an Optometrist. They will determine if you would benefit from either KAMRA or Presbia, as not everyone who wears glasses is suitable for the procedure.


The main advantage of both procedures is that corneal inlays can be removed or replaced if the patient’s vision requirements change. If they need a stronger prescription, the inlay can be switched easily.


If you call Optilase on +353 1 223 8821, you can arrange a free consultation to find out if you are suitable for this life changing procedure. Alternatively, fill out the form above right and one of our representatives will call you back to arrange your free consultation.

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