Laser Eye Surgery - Fact vs fiction, what you need to know!

23 Apr 2021

Laser Eye Surgery - Fact vs fiction, what you need to know!

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery and want to find out a little bit more information about the procedure, and the results it can bring you? Over 30 million people worldwide have had the popular surgery, in Ireland alone thousands of people have the procedure every year.

Like any surgery, getting informative and insightful information before you decide to go ahead with your surgery, is a must. From finding out the best place to have your surgery to what risks are involved, the opinion and honest answers from the medical professionals that perform the surgeries every day, is always the best place to get the answers you want.

Finding accurate information can be difficult, so the team in Optilase, Ireland’s No.1 Private Eye Care provider are on hand to give you all the answers you need, and tell you what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery.

Most people aren’t suitable for Laser Eye Surgery - FICTION

While suitability is a concern for every patient that comes through the door, it’s thought that 85% of people who are assessed for the procedure are suitable - so don’t let your suitability worry you. The best thing to do is to book a free consultation with Optilase and within minutes you’ll have a definitive answer on your suitability.

There are some issues that make Laser Eye Surgery an unsuitable treatment for some patients, this includes having a prescription stronger than -10 or +5, or having a squint or a lazy eye. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is necessary to wait for 6 months postpartum before having your vision corrected.

Laser Eye Surgery comes with lots of risks, and isn’t safe - FICTION
The team at Optilase understand that anyone considering the surgery might be a little anxious or nervous, that is a perfectly normal way to feel before any procedure.

As a team with over twenty years experience providing Laser Eye Surgery, please let us assure you that at Optilase, your safety is our No. 1 priority. We use the most advanced and safest laser technology and all of our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists, Laser Technicians and surgery nurses are highly experienced and fully accredited.

As with any surgery, the key to feeling more comfortable with it is often to find out more information about what your journey will look like. The typical Laser Eye Surgery journey with Optilase is informed, quick and very straightforward.

Your free consultation is a great time to allay any concerns you may have about the surgery, or if you’re not at the stage where you’ve made a decision yet, you can always call the professional medical team in Optilase to have a no commitment chat over the phone.

Thinking about Laser Eye Surgery and got some questions

The treatment is quite long and very painful - FICTION
That’s a big no to painful or long! In fact the laser vision correction itself only takes around 7 minutes per eye. Between preparation, treatment and aftercare, you should expect to stay in the clinic for up to 2 hours on the day of your procedure, making it as short as doing your grocery shopping or having a leisurely coffee with friends.

And as for pain, the laser vision correction process itself is painless. Your eye is numbed using anaesthetic drops and you are offered diazepam to reduce anxiety and relax muscle tension. Depending on your treatment type, there can be some discomfort in the days after your treatment but this is generally temporary.

Laser Eye Surgery isn’t long lasting - FICTION
Long term follow up studies indicate that after the healing process is complete, eyesight remains stable. Some patients may develop the need for reading glasses as they age but this happens to most adults regardless of whether they get laser vision correction.

You need a long period of time off work after surgery - FICTION
While you will need some time to recuperate, as with any surgery you won't need that much time off. Once your eyes have been assessed we will be able to give you a better idea. It could be as little as 1-2 days or up to 7 days.

The surgery make your eyes look different - FICTION
Untrue! After surgery there is no permanent change in the appearance of your eyes. On the first day after surgery your eyes should be white and clear. The healing process can take 4-5 days and during this time your eye may appear slightly red at times. After this time, the appearance of your eyes will return to normal, but with the added bonus of great vision!

Laser Eye Surgery will change your life! - FACT!
True, and on so many levels! If you’ve always had problems with your vision, the prospect of gaining the best sight of our life can seem pretty amazing, and it is, in fact, life changing!

At the top of the list for Optilase’s Laser Eye Surgery patients was the dream that they could say goodbye to the hassle and cost of glasses and contact lenses. In fact, in the past 20 years, over 30 million people worldwide have chosen to undergo this quick, painless and yet life-changing procedure, to achieve 20/20 vision. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to live a life free from the inconvenience and cost of having to wear glasses and contact lenses, it’s a no brainer!

There’s no guarantee after your surgery! - FICTION

Of course there is! Optilase offers a free Lifetime Care Guarantee as part of our ongoing commitment to patients and will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Depending on individual cases, this may contain an average of four post-operative appointments to attend throughout the year.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding the treatment.

It’s very expensive! - FICTION
Also untrue! With no hidden costs or upselling, a lot of Optilase patients end up paying less than our published price. And that’s always a plus, especially when you are guaranteed to receive Ireland’s No.1 professional eye surgery experience with great results.

Many Eye Surgeries have become popular over the last number of years, due mainly to the life altering results. And because of this, as well as advances in technology, these procedures have definitely become more and more affordable.

If you’re worried about the cost don’t be, many Optilase patients at the Clinic opt for interest free finance plans, and as well as this you can also avail of 20% tax relief on the cost of the treatment. For all the best prices and offers in Ireland’s most respected Eye Clinic, visit the Optilase website.

Why Optilase?
Optilase is Ireland’s No.1 Laser Eye Surgery provider, and has over the past twenty years restored the sight of thousands of people across the island of Ireland using Laser Eye Surgery.

Optilase is Ireland’s only eye surgery provider to be rated as five star on both customer and clinical patient review websites. If you come to us for your eye surgery requirements, you’ll absolutely experience Ireland’s No.1 eye surgery care in every sense of the word.

So now you know - Optilase is the leading Private Eye Clinic in Ireland, and has all of the answers you need to help you to restore your sight back to its best.

Where you are located doesn't really matter as Optilase has Clinics, all over the Island of Ireland, including four Clinics in Northern Ireland. There really is no time like the present, give yourself back the gift of good sight and start enjoying every experience again, there really is nothing like getting back the gift of great vision.

For more information on Optilase and to book your free consultation +353 1 223 8821 now, and we promise - you’ll see the difference in your sight sooner than you think!

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