New Year, New Eyes with Laser Eye Surgery

15 Jan 2015

Every New Year brings the obligatory New Year know the ones I am talking about: Get Fit, Join a Gym, Give up Drinking, Run a Marathon, Stop Smoking. Surely if there was a top ten list of the most popular resolutions (in fact come to think of it there probably is such a list somewhere!), I would wager that each of these would be right up there.
Meritorious as all of these undoubtedly are however, are any of these noble goals ever actually achieved? Probably not, in the vast majority of cases, so why not therefore choose just one resolution that is simple to achieve, will truly change your life, and ensure that you remember 2015 for all the right reasons (rather than the year in which you once again failed to get fit!)?
Your resolution could be as simple as this: In 2015, I resolve to have my incredibly frustrating and age old vision problems corrected through laser eye surgery (or reading visions correction surgery as the case may be) with Optilase Clinic.
No more talking about how much you would love to have laser eye surgery; make 2015 the year when you finally stick to your New Year’s resolution!

Laser Eye Surgery – perfect vision in just 10 minutes!

Laser eye surgery is a way of completely correcting your vision – and in the process eliminating the need to ever wear glasses again! Imagine the relief that this more frantic searching for your glasses in the morning, no more sitting on your glasses resulting in breakages, and no more desperate glasses shopping whereby you spend hours seeking out just one pair that you think will at least suit you better than the last ones you had!
Over 30 million people around the world have already undergone laser eye surgery, and here at Optilase we have already performed 40,000 laser eye surgery treatments. Using the most advanced laser equipment available, it is a quick, painless treatment that takes only 10 minutes. (We were tempted to use the phrase “blink and you’ll miss it” but....well, you know, you can’t actually blink during the surgery for obvious reasons!)
So whether you suffer from myopia (near sightedness), far sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism, laser surgery could be the perfect solution for you. To determine whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery, Optilase offers a FREE no obligation consultation with one of our Optometrists. So go on, this is your New Year resolution, remember? Make an appointment and you’re already half way there!

Reading Vision Correction- get rid of your reading glasses forever!

The vast majority of people over the age of 40 will experience reading vision problems – essentially a form of age related long sightedness which is known as presbyopia. Basically what happens as part of the overall ageing process, is that the lens on the eye hardens, preventing the eye from bringing close up objects into focus.
Essentially, letters on a print page become blurred and no matter how hard we squint, they remain illegible; hence, people who suffer from presbyopia need to carry reading glasses with them at all times because without them, they simply can’t read print materials. How frustrating...especially when they are lost, broken, sat on, left on a know the myriad of things that happens with glasses in any given day!
So, if this all sounds a little too familiar and you are fed up to the back teeth of not being able to read with pleasure, let 2015 be the year when your resolution is simply to ditch your reading glasses for once and for all!
As with laser eye surgery, the treatment (Presbia or Kamra), is fast, painless and highly effective; in just 10 minutes, your vision will be dramatically improved and you will finally be able to get rid of your reading glasses completely never requiring them again!
To find out more about the solutions that we at Optilase Clinic can offer, both in terms of laser surgery and reading vision correction, simply call our team on +353 1 223 8821 to arrange a FREE consultation with one of Optometrists. Alternatively, fill in the form above right and one of our team will contact you in the next available opportunity.
Article written by Alan Shanley

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