What does LASIK eye surgery feel like ?

13 Dec 2016

First of all, let’s be clear: everyone (even big brave men who’ll never admit it to you!) is at the very least slightly nervous when the day of their laser eye surgery finally rolls around. It’s human nature – our eyes are one of the most valuable organs we possess so we are rightly highly protective of them!
But, (there’s always a but!), when it comes to laser eye surgery, whether it’s of the LASIK or PRK variety, we like to let the facts speak for themselves:
To date over 40 million people around the world have undergone laser eye surgery, and the risk of a serious complication arising is somewhere in the region of 0.1%.
So yes, there is a risk - as there is with any elective procedure - but with over 98% of patients achieving 20:20 vision or better (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery), the risk really is extremely minimal.
And now that we have (hopefully!) addressed the most common fear of risk and safety, the next big question we’d like to address is simply what does LASIK, the most common type of laser surgery, actually feel like?

The Lasik process from start to finish

By the time you present to us for your laser procedure, you will already have had your initial consultation with our Optometrist so your suitability to undergo Lasik will already have been confirmed.
So, upon arrival, you will be met by one of our very friendly and helpful clinic co-ordinators, whose job it is to make you feel right at home. You will also get a chance to meet your surgical team including your Opthalmic surgeon, nurses, and laser technician, to help put you at your ease by letting you know that you are in very safe hands!
Once admitted to the surgical suite then, the question of what the laser surgery procedure actually feels like is probably best answered by the following 5 step process:
Step 1
The first thing that happens is that anaesthetic drops are applied to your eyes, following which a small sheet of translucent plastic is taped over each eye, keeping your eye lashes out harm’s way and blurring everything out.
Step 2
Now that your eyes have been numbed, the laser procedure starts. Basically, a small flap is created on the surface of the cornea using blade-free Intralase technology. During this process you will feel a suction type pressure for approximately 10 seconds while your vision goes black - again, let us reassure you that this is not painful but it can nonetheless be slightly uncomfortable….for a whole 10 seconds!
Step 3
Next, the laser is applied to the underlying surface in order to reshape the cornea and in doing so, correct your prescription.

How does this part feel? Well, it has often been described to us as something of a ‘cleansing sensation’, as though water is being applied to your eye socket. Though it’s clearly a difficult sensation to explain (!), this is simply the laser at work and as per the other parts of the laser process, although it’s a little uncomfortable, it is not in any way painful!

Step 4

You’re all done! Your Ophthalmic Surgeon now just places the flap back down and your eyes can now very quickly begin to heal.
Step 5
With your surgery complete, you are transferred back to our (very nice!) recovery suite, where your surgeon will carry out a brief post-operative examination on your vision, just to double check that everything is perfect as far as your eyes are concerned.
At this stage, you will be given a full operative pack along with some helpful hints and tips, advising you what to do / not to do to aid your recovery.
And that’s it - approximately 2 hours after presenting for your surgery, you’re free to go home!

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