Why Cork people recommend Optilase?

22 Jun 2011

Article published in The Cork News.

Laser Eye Surgery in Cork

People who would previously have simply coped with their sight problems are now looking towards a long-term solution. That’s according to Laser Optometrist and Optilase Clinic Manager, Dan O’ Brien who highlights that with the spiralling cost of glasses and contact lenses, people are now seeking an alternative. For many, that solution is Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye clinic, which has been improving the vision of the people of Cork for the last year.
Located on Opera Lane, the state-of-the-art clinic is conveniently situated within easy access of all major transport links. Also, Optilase operates flexible opening hours including weekends and late evenings, allowing the clinic to build consultations, surgeries and after care around their patients’ busy schedule while the experienced team, comprising of consultant ophthalmic surgeons, laser optometrists, nurses and coordinators, are all leaders in their fields.
“It is a life changing experience for people, and having it done myself, I know what a difference it can make,” says Dan. “I play a lot of sports so it has made a huge impact in my life. I also suffer from dry eye so I could only have contact lenses in for five hours at a time. The procedure has meant a massive change to my life, and I’m not restricted by glasses anymore.”
Dan adds that wearing glasses can often mean going without designer sunglasses. “Often people can be limited in their choice, and can’t get wrap-around glasses or Ray-Bans. With the laser eye surgery it means that there are more options available without the expense of having sunglasses specially made.”
A full range of advanced, non invasive treatments are available at Optilase, including Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK), which is the most common procedure while Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy (LASEK) is available for patients for whom LASIK is not a suitable procedure. Both involve the use of an advanced VISX STAR S4 IR laser, the most precise laser technology in the world, according to its FDA clinical outcome result.
Between the two treatments, a majority of eye problems can be treated, including short and long sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. In general, Dan says that candidates should be over 21 years of age, with healthy eyes and a relatively stable prescription. Recovery from LASIK treatment usually occurs within 24 hours, and patients should be able to see without glasses or contact lenses within a day while full recovery with LASEK is expected within five days.
Such is the confidence behind their treatment, that Optilase offers a Lifetime Care Guarantee as standard with all of their treatments, that in the unlikely event a patient’s eyesight should regress after their surgery, patients have access to all necessary aftercare and remedial treatment for free. And for complete peace of mind, the Optilase aftercare advice line is available for patients to call 24 hours a day.
Dan highlights that to achieve the best possible outcome from surgery, it is important that patients attend their aftercare appointments, usually scheduled one day, one week, one month, three months and six months after surgery and also adhere to the guidelines, such as drinking water and using the assigned drops.

Dan O’Brien, Clinic Manager
“It is a life changing experience for people, and having it done myself, I know what a difference it can make,” says Dan. “I play a lot of sports so it has made a huge impact in my life. I also suffer from dry eye so I could only have contact lenses in for five hours at a time. The procedure has meant a massive change to my life, and I’m not restricted by glasses anymore.”

Donal Buckley, 47, Mallow
“Using the laser eye surgery for monovision, I now have one eye for reading and one eye for distance. Having just one eye treated, means that I have 20/20 vision from that one alone while if I had the two, it would mean that I would still need readers, something that I hope now not to have for another few years! The monovision method works because the brain learns to adapt to which eye sees at which distance. I did a trial over Christmas where I had a contact lens in just one eye to see how I got on. It takes the mind a few months to adjust but I was able to adapt. I went in for my surgery in Optilase back in January and they offer a tremendous service. After going in at 11am, I was ringing my wife to collect me at 11.20am, with the treatment on the eye taking just 15 seconds. There is great attention to detail with Optilase and the follow-up is also fantastic, and includes several appointments. The difference it has made to my life is amazing. When I go golfing, I can wear ordinary sunglasses for the first time. Also something simple, like walking into a warm place from a cold environment and not having your glasses fog up is great. With their impeccable service, I would recommend Optilase to anyone.”

Stephen Ivers, Midleton
“I found that having to wear glasses was really affecting my confidence, so much, that I actually hated wearing them. I follow the GAA, and would often look like a secret agent coming into the grounds, hoping to disguise my glasses from the 55,000 other people there! Last August, my wife suggested getting the laser eye surgery and one month later I was one of the first at Optilase Cork to get it done. The service they provide is excellent. All the staff are very approachable and they truly make it sound as easy as it is. Everything that they said would happen did, from the appointments to the procedure itself. The whole treatment took just 30 seconds an eye and afterwards I was able to go for lunch with my wife. Half way through our meal, I was able to see the television screen clearly. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my life. The main drawback for a lot of people would be the cost involved, with my own treatment costing €2,500. This may seem like a lot of money but I was spending €200 between two pairs of glasses every two years… and that wouldn’t include the times that my three year-old daughter would decide to smash them! It is a life changing experience to know that you never have to wear glasses again.”

Graham Conway, 29, Mallow Golf Club.
“Being a professional golfer, when it gets to a stage that you can’t see the ball without contact lenses, then something needs to be done. Often when I had contacts in, the wind would dry out my eyes, and they could only be kept in for five hours. I was always thinking about getting laser eye surgery done, so last December, I just walked into Optilase off the street. And after having a consultation, I agreed to do it there and then. Both eyes were done in the same sitting, about a minute each, and it was a bit blurry for a few hours afterwards. I just went home, put pads over my eyes and woke up at 4am to see the results. It was incredible! I put the TV on and stood back and couldn’t believe the difference. Everything was so much clearer.
The whole procedure has completely changed my life. Now I don’t have to wear glasses in the rain, or contact lenses in windy weather. I have no issues anymore. Especially for sports people, it is something that I would highly recommend and it is definitely the best thing I have ever done.”

Pauline Bennett, 61, Ballyphehane
“You are never too old to go for laser eye surgery, and I hope that I am testament to that. My daughter, who has to wear glasses for driving, had the procedure done and was thrilled with the results and difference that it made in her life. With her encouragement and that of my two sisters, I decided to also get the procedure done. I am long-sighted and have worn glasses for the past 20 years. The glasses would often pinch the bridge of my nose, while the bi-focals I had for reading, were very heavy. Once a week, on a Saturday night out, I would wear contact lenses, which I often found difficult to take out at the end of the night. With annoyance from both the glasses and the contacts, the laser eye surgery was the best thing I have ever done. On the day of the procedure, as I was feeling a bit nervous, one of the staff said that she would go in with me and hold my hand. I went under the laser and then within seconds the machine was pulled away, and I was finished! The procedure took just 59 seconds on one eye and 54 seconds on the other. It took a day or two for my sight to become clear, and now I can’t believe the difference it makes. I can go out on my Saturday nights out, and I am able to see everyone. I don’t have to squint anymore! The after-care treatment I have received is second-to-none. They are fantastic inside Optilase and even send out a text reminder of your check-up the day before. Optilase only treat people up to 65, so I am delighted that I didn’t hold off on getting the procedure done. It is the type of surgery that would make such a huge difference in the life of anyone who has to wear to glasses.”

Mark Gaynor, 32, Limerick
“With my eyes, everything was so against me that I thought I could never get laser eye surgery. Firstly, I have a thin cornea so I needed to have the least common procedure, Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy (LASEK). Also, before I was due to have the treatment, I had an accident at work, and ripped my cornea. This meant that I had to postpone the procedure, but amazingly, three months later, it was still able to go ahead. The whole thing has made such a massive difference in my life. I am shortsighted, and while a normal eyesight reading would be 0, I was -7. This meant that everything was always very blurry for me and I couldn’t see anything in front of me. However, when I went into Optilase for the procedure, the moment I got off the chair, everything was so much clearer. That is how soon you will notice the difference. Every morning afterwards things became progressively clearer until exactly one week after the procedure, and it all became crystal clear. It is now brilliant to be able to see without glasses, although I still find myself reaching for my glasses case unconsciously! The after care that Optilase provides is also fantastic and the staff look after you every step of the way, which really gives you piece of mind.”

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Patient Reviews

Elizabeth Kalandadze
November 10, 2023

I am very happy with my results! It feels amazing leaving behind my glasses should’ve done it sooner and I feel like a new person! Everyone was amazing and super friendly, I recommend Optilase!!

Aron Bruinewoud
November 6, 2023

100% recommended. Great service from the consultation to the after care. A great team that makes you feel comfortable and at ease!

Sarah Doyle
November 6, 2023

The best experience ever !! And I am extremely delighted with my vision, truly 20/20 vision

Diana Sisu
November 6, 2023

Best experience ! Staff were extremely professional and kind, helped me a lot during the whole process. I definitely recommend !

anamaria sisu
November 6, 2023

Amazing Clinic all staff friendly and helpful!

jordan fields
November 1, 2023

Great experience! Very friendly and helpful staff. Couldn’t recommend options enough

anita hogan
November 1, 2023

Very happy with my overall experience, I was very nervous but the team were very understanding and really put my mind at ease. I’m over the moon with my results!!!!!!

October 20, 2023

Hello Million thanks for optilase clinic You change my life😍😍😍 After my surgery I start see next day!!!

Ciara Reilly
October 7, 2023

Attended the clinic today and couldn't be happier with the staff and how pleasant they were. Delighted that I got a consultation

Thelma Scanlon
September 23, 2023

Great experience and great after care. Had 2020 vision within 24 hours with very minimal pain.

Amanda Mulligan
September 23, 2023

Amazing experience , amazing staff, amazing eye sight . I had lens replacement 3 months ago and would highly recommend.

Mr. O’Flynn Education
September 23, 2023

I got my laser eye surgery done on April 20th and couldn’t be happier. I had one hard day of recovery, followed by dry eyes for a small while. Sleeping with the protective goggles is the hardest part, but you’re helped throughout the process by experts. I couldn’t recommend this enough and Optilase were a dream to deal with. Even if you can’t afford the treatment now, you can always talk about a payment plan and get the vision you’ve always wanted.

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