Your Changing Vision

01 Jun 2013

Changes in the way you see are one of the first signs that age is creeping up on you!
Unless you have a diagnosed eye problem, many of the issues that begin to affect people happen as a result of age. Some of them can be treated effectively by Optilase, using Laser Eye Surgery, Presbia or KAMRA; some can’t be treated at all.

Age related Sight Issues

They're subtle at first, often beginning in middle age. For instance:

Do you have to hold books and newspapers at arm’s length to read them?

Diagnosis: Presbyopia, or the inability to focus up close.
Presbyopia is one of the most common vision problems in middle age. As you get older, the lens of your eye becomes less flexible and can’t focus the light rays entering the eye clearly.
Solution: If reading is harder than it used to be, make an appointment for an eye exam. You may have reading glasses for close-up viewing, like reading a menu or book. Optilase can now treat presbyopia very effectively using corneal inlays which help narrow the focus and sharpen the image; the procedure is quick and extremely successful-a real breakthrough for aging vision.

Everything looks blurry, up close and far away.

You might need bifocals, progressive lenses or trifocals are lenses that can help you see better near, far, and everywhere in between. Or it could be astigmatism.
Diagnosis: Astigmatism.
In astigmatism, the shape of the eye's cornea makes it hard to focus light clearly on the back of your eye, making everything look out of focus.
Solution: You may be wearing corrective eyewear now, but Laser Eye Surgery is the long-term solution to complete correction of astigmatism, as it completely reshapes the cornea to eliminate the issue.

Your eyes feel dry and irritated all the time.

Diagnosis: Dry eye syndrome.
The eye tends to produce less moisture in the form of tears as we age; and sometimes wearing contact lenses can actually make the problem worse.
Solution: Dry eye syndrome is more than just irritating; it can actually damage your vision unless you take action now. Eyes must be moist in order to stay healthy, as nutrients pass through the eye in moisture and waste material or foreign bodies get flushed out.
If you've got mild dry eyes, artificial tears are available over the counter to help can bring back the moisture your eyes are missing.
You should see your eye doctor if non-prescription drops don’t relieve your dry eye symptoms, since dry eyes can be a symptom of other eye problems.

Uncontrolled diabetes means your eyesight changes from day to day.

Diagnosis: Rising and falling blood sugar levels.
Leaving diabetes unmanaged is very dangerous. Untreated diabetes can affect your whole body, including your eyes, and over time uncontrolled high blood sugar from diabetes will inevitably damage the delicate blood vessels in your eyes. These damaged vessels leak blood, which affects your vision.
Solution: See your doctor for a check-up, even if you don't think you have diabetes (many people have diabetes and don't know it).

When Should I get an Eye Exam?

See an ophthalmologist or optometrist at least once every two years. If you have high blood pressure, or suffer from diabetes, or you have noticed any other age-related issues that seem to be impacting your vision, go immediately.
Many people start to make regular visits at age 40-45, depending on their need; monitoring eye health will make sure your eyes are they best they can be before you need to take corrective action like wearing glasses, lenses or Laser Eye Surgery.
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