5 more common and unsubstantiated myths about Laser eye surgery busted!

14 Dec 2016

When it comes to laser eye surgery, of which LASIK is the most common form, there are always lots of rumours and untruths circling which are often mistaken for fact. Some of them are so wrong that we are often baffled as to how people come up with them in the first place but it happens so here are 5 of the most common myths de-bunked:
1. It’s not permanent so I might need to have the procedure again in the future
Again, we like to revert to science over rumour in addressing this concern that crops up quite frequently. The fact is that the laser eye surgery procedure changes the composition of your eye and as a result, makes a permanent change to your vision.
However, the nature of ageing is such that LASIK surgery cannot prevent other eyesight issues from occurring as you get older and as a result, it won’t prevent the onset of presbyopia, an age-related focus dysfunction that affects our ability to see objects that are close to our eyes, such as newspapers, kindles etc.
2. It’s much safer to keep wearing contact lenses rather than risk laser surgery
Many people end up wearing contact lenses for many years rather than opting for a life free of any sort of lenses, simply because they believe that contact lenses are 100% safe, and laser surgery is not.
The fact is that many of the world’s leading physicians agree that wearing contact lenses every single day over a period of years actually poses more risk to the eyes, than laser surgery does.
For example, contact lenses can get lost behind the eye, causing complications; leaving them while sleeping can lead to infection, and failing to follow the correct instructions when using them (not cleaning them correctly, not using the right cleaning fluids etc, can cause to eye infections and other conditions.
So, if you are of those who believes that wearing contact lenses is completely risk-free, the fact is that the opposite is case and laser eye surgery is the proven safer option!
3. I might go blind if something goes wrong
Our eyes mean everything to us and the fear of losing your eyesight is therefore very understandable. However, that doesn’t mean it’s correct! Thankfully, in the case of laser eye surgery the facts speak for themselves and based on over 40 million procedures undertaken around the world to date, the facts show that there has not be able people who have suffered blindness from laser eye surgery.
4. What if I end up with worse vision as a result of LASIK surgery?
Similar to myth number 1 above, which addresses the myth that laser eye surgery could result in blindness, the chances of your eyesight being worse after your surgery than it was beforehand are slim to none.
Again our job is to separate facts from fiction and according to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, over 96% of people who undergo laser eye surgery achieve a vision of 20:20 or better.
So, let’s just say, if you’re worried that you might end up with worse vision as a result of undergoing LASIK eye surgery, all available evidence suggests which points to the contrary, should be sufficient to allay your fears.
5. Some people experience pain and other complications after LASIK eye surgery
20 years ago, back when laser eye surgery was still a very new procedure and one which was still in development, the fear of post operative pain and complications was probably a genuine concern for many pioneering patients.
However, laser eye surgery is now incredibly sophisticated and involves the very latest and up to date scientific technology that has ever been created. Because of this, the vast majority of patients experience little to no side effects after surgery. In the case of the very small minority of patients who do experience some side effects, these tend to be very mild and very short-term and as a result can be very easily treated.

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