The Facts - Laser Eye Surgery Myths Busted!

02 Dec 2014


Choosing any elective surgical procedure invariably causes some level of anxiety for everyone beforehand, and it is no surprise that the thoughts of undergoing laser eye surgery can be a little daunting for the uninitiated. To be frank, it would be more unusual if the opposite was the case....after all, none of us like any thoughts that conjure up images of discomfort and our natural reaction (in fact our inbuilt defence mechanism) to thoughts of this nature is (often irrational) anxiety and worry, which can cause us to fear anything that is outside of our comfort zone.
As human beings we are emotional by nature and we’re all in favour of displaying our emotions! It is just that sometimes these very emotions which are designed to protect us, can actually impact negatively on our ability to make correct and well informed decisions. That is why we felt it would be now be a good idea to debunk some of the many myths that exist in respect of laser eye surgery, in order to separate fact from fiction and to help you make a more informed decision!
Read below the 6 most common laser eye surgery myths of laser eye surgery busted.

Myth 1 –“I might choose the wrong laser surgery option which could affect the success of the procedure”.

Worry not, at Optilase our job is to ensure that you receive exactly the right laser eye treatment, tailored to your precise vision requirements. Before any surgery takes place, you will meet make an appointment for a free consultation with our laser Optometrist, who will conduct a full examination of your eyes and assess whether you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. Provided you are suitable, the Optometrist will then decide what laser surgery option is most suitable for you.

Myth 2 – “I can’t get both eyes done at the same time and this will mean more appointments and a longer process”.

This is a very common urban myth that is simply not true! Owing to the very rapid advancements in laser eye surgery techniques, it is now perfectly safe for you to have both eyes treated on the same day. What’s more, both eyes can be treated in just 10-15 minutes here at Optilase, so you can be in and out with both eyes done and dusted, in double quick time!

Myth 3 – “The surgery will be painful and though I would love to have laser surgery done, I simply don’t like pain!”

Well the good news is that there simply is no pain to worry about! Let us assure you, the laser eye surgery procedure is completely painless so cross this myth off your worry list! Your eye is numbed using anaesthetic drops and you are offered diazepam to reduce anxiety and relax muscle tension. On occasion, a patient may suffer some discomfort in the days following the surgery but this is generally temporary and passes quickly.

Myth 4 - “The surgery won’t repair the eyes long term so the benefits will not be permanent”

Laser eye surgery corrects the vision permanently. However, the eye is a living organ and therefore changes can occur...this is all part of the ageing process unfortunately. As a result, even if you undergo laser surgery, most adults require reading glasses as they grow older. Luckily though, we have this covered and offer two different treatment types, KAMRA and Presbia, to deal with the near vision problem.

Myth 5 - “A laser in my eye? That will be hot and will burn”

Em, the laser is actually cold, most certainly does not burn (it wouldn’t be very popular if it did now would it!?) and is not in any way painful. We can’t say it any clearer than that!

Myth 6 - “There are often complications and these could be really serious”

With any elective surgery, no matter what part of the body this relates to, there is always an element of risk, no matter how small this may be....suffice to say, there is no surgery that comes with a 100% success guarantee. However, the facts are that laser eye surgery is one of the most common and one of the safest of all elective surgical procedures. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Optometrists and Ophthalmic surgeons here at Optilase is renowned for the care and attention that we offer our patients. That is why with us, the risk relative to the benefits of success is incredibly low.
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Article written by Alan Shanley

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