Does laser eye surgery hurt?

24 Feb 2015



Taking the life changing decision to undergo laser eye surgery is a momentous decision in anyone’s life. The words life changing do tend to get bandied about a lot - very often in fact when referring to something that is anything but life changing – but there is no doubting that opting for laser eye surgery is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will ever make. Fact.


It is only human nature therefore that, precisely because we are all aware of just how important our eyes are to every single aspect of our daily lives, most people will be slightly nervous and apprehensive in the lead up to their laser eye surgery treatment. Probably in the same way that someone undergoing back surgery would be prior to surgery taking place, given how important the spine is.


Understand the indisputable FACTS!

So, rest assured, a little nervous tension and a little apprehension is all perfectly normal and perfectly human....provided this nervousness does not extend to fear. Why? Because fear is usually irrational and when it comes to laser eye surgery, there is absolutely nothing to fear. And here are some hard facts and statistics to back this up!


More than 30 million people around the world have had laser eye surgery to date and as a result, it is the safest vision improvement procedure available globally.


The risk of something going noticeably wrong during laser eye surgery is miniscule; in fact the complication rate is in the region of 1%, or 1 in every 1000 laser eye surgery procedures. Even then, the overwhelming majority of complications that occur can be easily rectified....which reduces the actual risk even further.




And what about the risk of something even more serious occurring? Ok, well the chances of some irreversible complication occurring during the laser surgery procedure is just 1 in every 25,000, whilst the chance of going blind as a result of the procedure is estimated at approximately 1 in 5 million; the latter figure actually seems quite conservative seeing as nobody has gone blind as a result of laser eye surgery but still...we won’t argue the facts because it is still puts the risk at around the same level as being killed in an air crash. Just to put it in perspective!


Focus on the Benefits of laser eye surgery!

As alluded to earlier, laser eye surgery is truly life changing...and in a really positive way. Imagine, no more glasses (or losing of same), no more contact lenses (or the horrible discomfort you can feel when you forget to take them out!).


But here’s what else; the laser eye surgery procedure is painless, because the eye is numbed using anaesthetic drops (which aren’t sore either by the way!). There may be some slight discomfort following the surgery but this lasts only a few days, after which you are right as rain and ready to enjoy your whole new world.


Talk to our experienced team and ask questions!

At Optilase, we do everything in our power to make sure that our patients are 100% informed and happy, prior to undergoing laser surgery. We want you to feel relaxed and reassured and the way that we achieve is by delivering open and honest advice that allows you to make a fully informed decision.


Call us today on +353 1 223 8821, or email us on to arrange a FREE consultation with one of our Laser Optometrists. Not only will they carry out an extensive eye examination and answer all of your questions, they will also explain in detail the various options that are open to you, on the basis of your precise vision needs.



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