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05 Mar 2021

So you’re ready to learn more about eye surgery and how it could potentially make your eyesight better - you’ve always wanted to try Laser Eye Surgery or you’ve been having issues with your Cataracts or are considering Reading Vision Correction.

What’s the next step for you? First off a good place to start is to arm yourself with as much information as possible about the treatment that you are interested in. For example, if it’s Laser Eye Surgery then it’s a good idea to read about preparing for the surgery, what your aftercare might look like etc. The next step is finding the best place for your surgery. As always, this should take some consideration. Putting your eyes in the care of the best possible medical professionals will help ensure you get the best results.

You want to find the best private eye clinic for you, and friends or family have recommended Optilase as one of Ireland’s first private eye clinics. But are they right, and why - what makes Optilase top of their game and why should you only consider this Irish business as your No.1 destination for eye surgery? If you haven’t made up your mind about the best eye clinic for you, let’s open it. Here’s just a few reasons why you’ll never regret calling Optilase.

A team of medical experts with years of experience
With twenty years experience, and a reputation as Ireland’s top Private Eye Clinic you know you’ve come to the right place when you choose Optilase. At Optilase, your safety is their No. 1 priority. Using the most advanced and safest laser technology, the team delivers excellent results that are life changing. Their team of Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists, Laser Technicians and surgery nurses are highly experienced and fully accredited.

Armed with this team of medical professionals with years of experience, there’s nothing they haven’t seen before when it comes to sight. Using the latest advancements in technology, Optilase are proud to bring you surgery that is professional, informed and will absolutely change your sight, and your life.

Free consultations to ensure you’re happy with the process
Eye surgery can be daunting but don’t worry that’s why Optilase are on hand to help you understand the process and make you feel comfortable. As part of a free initial consultation an Optometrist will carry out a series of eye examinations to determine your suitability. Your Optometrist will then explain in detail the processes involved and answer any questions you may have. It’s a fast appointment too - the whole assessment takes approximately one hour to complete, and is a great way to find out if you want to start the journey as when you leave your free consultation, you’ll be armed with all the facts you need. If you do decide to go ahead then during the consultation a pre-operative consultation will be arranged with your Surgeon.

Nationwide presence throughout the Island of Ireland
Interested in learning more about Optilase but not near a major city or town? Don’t worry, Optilase has 12 locations based throughout the island of Ireland making it very accessible for everyone. So whether you’re in Westmeath, Westport, Waterford or Armagh you’ll have a clinic not more than an hour away.

Our Reputation
As thousands of happy customers will attest to, Optilase offers a top customer experience for every customer that walks through their door, from start to finish. In fact, Optilase is Ireland’s only eye surgery provider to be rated as five star on both customer and clinical patient review websites.

Testament to the patient care and services Optilase provide is the fact that many patients come to Optilase after a recommendation from a friend or family member. The company has also had a large number of recommendations from GPs, Optometrists, Optical Chains and Ophthalmologists, proving that the experience that you get in Optilase really is thoroughly professional and market leading.

Irish owned family business
Optilase are an Irish owned family business with a brilliant team of medical professionals, all of whom are focused on providing the very best eye treatment available, using the latest and most sophisticated technology. To date Optilase has performed over 50,000 eye surgeries since its inception in the market - making it a household name across Ireland that can be trusted.

Client Recommendations
With more than 50,000 laser eye surgery procedures completed, Optilase truly is Ireland’s leading eye surgery clinic. But if you don’t believe us then now is a good time to see for yourself what patients had to say about their Optilase experience and why they chose to trust the Optilase team. You can find plenty of client testimonials on the Optilase website and on their YouTube channel.

Open and ready to help you throughout Lockdown
If you’ve been thinking more about your eyes during lockdown, you’re not alone. In fact lockdown has highlighted to many people, just how dependent we are on our sight. If you feel that you want to discuss your sight, then there really is no time like now.

Optilase’s main priority is keeping you, and their team safe and well at this time. And because of that they have taken a long list of precautions to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is the top priority when carrying out every procedure.

Optilase are an essential service and are open and waiting on your call. Looking after your sight is something you’ll never regret, the team in Optilase are willing and able to help you restore your sight today.

Affordable pricing with tax relief
Eye Surgery has become popular over the last number of years, due mainly to the life altering results. And because of this, as well as advances in technology, it has definitely become more and more affordable, even in the premium Eye Clinics like Optilase. So good news all round is that if you’re looking to find out more about Eye Surgery, now is a great time.

So what is the pricing like in Optilase? Well many patients at the Clinic opt for interest free finance plans, and as well as this you can also avail of 20% tax relief on the cost of the treatment. For all the best prices and offers in Ireland’s most respected Eye Clinic, visit the Optilase website.

Lifetime care guarantee
Lifetime Care Guarantee is something that money can’t buy. It’s a goodbye to any worries you may have and it’s peace of mind, and trust all rolled into one. So how does it work? Optilase offers a free Lifetime Care Guarantee as part of their ongoing commitment to patients and will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your procedure. Depending on individual cases, this may contain an average of four post-operative appointments to attend throughout the year. So whatever your question, there will always be someone at the end of the phone to help.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding your treatment. Just another great reason to make Optilase your eye surgery provider, after all there really are some things you just can’t put a price on.

Made up your mind?
So there you have it. Optilase has the team of medical professionals, the experience and the know-how to give you the best vision you’ve ever had, no matter what your vision problem may be.

Optilase are open throughout Lockdown, with all surgeries going ahead as normal. Call us today for a chat about your sight and we’ll take you through the next steps, you’ll be enjoying better sight than you’ve ever had in no time at all.

Call Optilase today
Sit down, get comfortable and get ready to have a chat about your sight. The team at Optilase are looking forward to your call, and to making your dreams of better sight a reality. For more information on Optilase and to book your free consultation +353 1 223 8821 now, and we promise - you’ll see the difference in your sight sooner than you think!

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