Home or away – where is best to get Laser Eye Surgery?

17 May 2014

If you are considering a trip abroad to get Laser Eye Surgery, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons before you hand over any money.


Elective procedures like Laser Eye Surgery are often available overseas for less, but it can be difficult to verify the expertise of the surgeon performing the treatment and the standards of a foreign practice.


Comparably, at Optilase, over 40,000 successful Laser Eye Surgery treatments have been carried out in clinics across Ireland by our teams of qualified eye experts.

Unsure about the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland

If you are concerned that Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase is outside your budget, you may be surprised to learn that Standard Laser Eye Surgery costs only €795 per eye.


You also receive a free in-depth consultation to identify and discuss the extent of your poor eyesight, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.


If you are a member of Aviva, Laya Healthcare or VHI you can enjoy an additional 15% off your Laser Eye Surgery price.


Recipients of Laser Eye Surgery can relax in the knowledge that Optilase offers a Lifetime Care Guarantee which covers any deterioration in a patient’s eyesight (not including Presbyopia), so if additional correction is required it is done so free of charge.

The risks of opting for Laser Eye Surgery abroad

You must know all the facts if you are genuinely considering Laser Eye Surgery abroad, as there are many issues to take into account before you make your final decision.


While the cost of surgery may be lower than that in Ireland, once you factor in flights, accommodation and living expenses during your stay, the total price you end up paying could be significantly higher than you first thought.


The local language and whether there will be a language barrier is important to consider, especially if you develop complications after surgery.


Always consider the aftercare package being offered in cheaper destinations as it can be lacking in terms of follow-up consultations to ensure that your eyes are healing correctly and that your Laser Eye Surgery was a success.

Choose Optilase?

Laser Eye Surgery is one of the most popular elective surgeries in Ireland today and at Optilase you can enjoy a free consultation to begin your Laser Eye Surgery journey.


With a strong record of successful procedures using the latest and most advanced laser technology, you can be confident that patient safety and comfort is top priority at Optilase.


Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at any one of our clinics by calling +353 1 223 8821.


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