Irish Celebrities that had Laser Eye Surgery with Optilase

06 Nov 2014



No matter what aspect of our lives we focus on, we are always looking for more convenience, simply to allow us to be more productive in our daily lives; it’s just a natural thing for us curious human beings to constantly seek progress, and it is essentially what distinguishes one generation from another. Cars, technology, food, travel....take absolutely anything you care to think of and you can be sure that with each passing generation, things will only get better!


Eye care is no exception in this regard and we are now at a point where the most sophisticated laser eye surgery - a genuinely life changing and painless (both financially and physically speaking!) procedure - is now very readily available to a much greater audience than ever before.....and you know, there are even a number of celebrities who have come through our own doors here at Optilase Dublin!


Think of the name Donal Og Cusack and you will automatically think hurling goalkeeper, hurling legend (followed no doubt by an assumption that - given his passion was for standing on a goal line waiting to try and stop a ball travelling at a speed of around 100 miles per hour – there was absolutely no way that he could have had anything other than 20/20 vision). Well, believe it or not, Donal Og actually wore glasses and contact lenses, something which was clearly not ideal for a shot stopper on a hurling field. After years of struggling with dry eyes and irritation caused by contact lenses, he eventually reached a point where the only viable option was to undergo laser eye surgery and so, along he came to meet with us here in Optilase Dublin. After being deemed suitable and subsequently undergoing the laser surgery treatment, the benefits for Donal Og were enormous – full and uninterrupted vision with no risk of irritation, meant that he could concentrate solely on his game during a match – as opposed to also having to deal with vision issues, caused by problems with his contact lenses.




Another very well known Irish celebrity, who underwent laser eye treatment with Optilase recently is Irish model, Roz Purcell. Again, Roz is not someone you would associate with eye wear, but in fact for many years, she wore (and greatly struggled with) glasses and contact lenses, causing her much heartache in the process. Hardly surprising really; after all, as a professional model, looks are pretty important, right? Yes, they most certainly are and as a result, trying not to squint to even read auto cues and scripts was really not an ideal scenario, and one which made working life extremely difficult for Roz. As a result, just like Donal Og, she met with Optilase Dublin for a free consultation, to see whether laser eye surgery would be a suitable option for her eyes. Thankfully, it was and having now undergone the procedure, she has never looked back since. Roz now has 20/20 vision and is so much more at ease in her job that...well, let’s just say there is no chance of her ever stumbling over auto-cues, or having to squint to read!




Finally, (yes, I know we are name dropping now but only because we know you will want to know some celebrity gossip!) you have heard of Celia Holman Lee, right? Yes of course you have – famous model, TV presenter, fashion stylist and all round outstanding business woman. Well, just like Roz, Celia had found that wearing glasses and contact lenses in the busy, fast paced, glamorous world of modelling, was extremely difficult at the best of times. Again, Celia decided that the time had come to enquire about laser eye surgery, because she felt that what she really needed was a long term solution which would give her more confidence in her working life. Following an initial appointment with us to determine her suitability for laser eye treatment, Celia embraced the process from start to finish and simply couldn’t wait to experience perfect 20/20 vision....which is exactly what has happened!


To find out if you are a suitable candidate for this life-changing procedure contact Optilase today on +353 1 223 8821 or fill out the green contact form above right. See the Difference with Optilase!


Article written by Alan Shanley


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