It's the end of the road for reading glasses

10 Sep 2012

Do you find yourself over stretching your arms when trying to read? Never mind the eye strain, fatigue and squinting, arm strain can be a give-away sign of the onset of presbyopia, the age-related loss of our clear, near vision! Close up print becomes blurred and can be quite difficult to read without the aid of reading glasses.
Maybe you find yourself holding up the queue in the supermarket, searching for your glasses or struggling to decide what to order in your favourite restaurant because you don’t want to find your reading glasses! The reality is that for some people, the loss of their clear, youthful, near vision and having to wear reading glasses is a reminder of the passing of time and the loss of one’s youth.
There’s no getting away from it, presbyopia affects everyone, usually from the age of 40 or so, even those who've enjoyed 20:20 vision all their lives or previously under gone laser vision correction. While we cannot stop the process, we can get away from the new-found and unwelcomed dependency on reading glasses.
Optilase, the Irish owned eye clinic, with clinics nationwide including Dublin’s Ely Place has introduced a pioneering new surgery called Kamra vision which in short, eliminates the need for reading glasses.
Sinead Hughes from Belfast underwent treatment at their Belfast clinic and commented:
“I really hated having to wear reading glasses and I think I was in denial for a long time that I actually needed them, I did a lot of squinting! Having the Kamra treatment (which was unbelievably straight forward and painless) was the best thing I could have done. Most of my friends are booked in for treatment in the next couple of months!”
What’s called a “KAMRA inlay”, an exceptionally small ring, just 3.8mm in diameter and weighing less than a grain of salt, with an opening in the centre, is placed under the surface of the cornea over the centre of the pupil. It corrects presbyopia by narrowing the opening that permits light rays to enter the eye. The inlay repositions the focal point back onto the surface of the retina to achieve crisp, sharp vision. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is totally painless. Expect to return to your usual routines the very next day! The result is picture perfect vision, without the need for cumbersome reading glasses!
To find out if you are a suitable candidate, why not contact Optilase on +353 1 223 8821 or visit Optilase website

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