Laser Eye Surgery Cost Explained

12 Oct 2015

When it comes to laser eye surgery, the two most common concerns of prospective laser eye surgery patients are cost and safety; how much will it cost and what exactly is involved in the process from start to finish?
But that’s hardly surprising really because, when you think about it, anyone considering undergoing a life-altering procedure such as laser eye surgery needs to have complete confidence in the provider whom they ultimately decide to go with. In other words, they need to be safe in the knowledge that they are getting exactly what they are paying for, in terms of patient care, customer service, medical expertise and post-operative attention.
And this means that the two big concerns of price and safety are intertwined; you can’t consider one without the other because cost takes into account the entire process from initial consultation right through to post-operative care. Or at least, it should.

Pricing of laser eye surgery at other clinics

It’s a pertinent question and in truth, there simply shouldn’t be big price disparities between one clinic and another. Why? Because at the end of the day, laser eye surgery is a highly sophisticated medical procedure involving the most complex organ in the human body and should never, therefore, be one which is available “on the cheap”.
On the contrary, it should be considered in the context of the entire procedure, from initial consultation through to the laser surgery treatment itself and right through to post-operative check-ups and patient care. 

Clinics who do choose to drive down prices in order to entice in patients have to cut corners to justify their low cost pricing model: less consultations, less patient care, lower end technology and an all-round inferior treatment from start to finish.

So, if you choose to pay less in the short-term, by taking a chance on a clinic that offers an on-the face-of-it exceptionally low price, the chances are you will simply end up paying more in the long term….because there’s always a catch isn’t there?


Don’t take any risks – your eyes are just too important

As one of the first private laser eye surgery clinics to be set up in Ireland, and with over 40,000 successful laser eye surgery procedures completed to date, Optilase Clinic will always deliver the best possible laser eye surgery treatment imaginable, from the time of your first consultation with our Opthalmic surgeon, right through to your extensive post-operative care.
You see, we don’t cut corners. We deliver the same high level of care to all of our patients every single time – no add-ons, no optional extras, no hidden costs, just exceptional care every time as standard.

So, with our standard laser treatment available from €795 per eye, what you see is what you get; nothing hidden, just top quality patient care delivered in a state of the art clinic environment. 

And we are so confident in the treatment we offer that we even offer a free lifetime care guarantee to all of our patients so that in the event of any deterioration or issues with your eyesight following laser eye surgery, we will provide enhancement surgery for free with no time limits or expiration dates.
Most people notice they have to hold printed material at arm’s length, away from their face, in an attempt to see it clearly - this is a dead giveaway for Presbyopia. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had laser eye surgery before, or if you’ve had perfect vision all your life - Presbyopia is inevitable.

Are you suitable for laser eye surgery?

If you are interested in finding out more about laser eye surgery then why not avail of a FREE consultation with one of our Laser Optometrists?
Call us today on +353 1 223 8821 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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