Lorna McGinn Q&A for Optilase blog

23 Nov 2016


Irish Journalist and Opsh gal, Lorna McGinn, recently underwent life-changing laser eye surgery treatment with Optilase. We sat down with Lorna to chat with her all about her Optilase journey and how it feels to have 2020 vision.
As an in-demand top journalist, you’re pretty busy 24/7. What gave you the push to get Laser Eye Surgery?
I’ve always struggled with my eye sight and as I got older, I began feeling more and more reliant on my glasses. From driving in the dark to trips to the cinema, seeing blurry outlines was becoming all too frequent - which proved pretty scary for passengers in my car as you could imagine! I knew that getting laser eye surgery was a priority for me but I had never fully put enough research into what getting it would look like. After seeing how dramatically the lives of friends and family member’s changed when they got it really gave me that push to just go for it.

What was the main difference you noticed after getting Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase?

That I could see the menu above the counter in my coffee shop beside the office. Seriously! You don’t wake up the following morning feeling miraculously different. Your eyes are still quite blurry, you feel a tad bit groggy but it’s really when you get back to your day-to-day life (within 48 hours I might add), you start to notice things on your morning commute or your afternoon commute which makes you take a step back and say, wow!

Many people get a bit nervous about the treatment. Did you have any preconceptions about Laser Eye Surgery before getting it done? And how did the reality of that stack up to your expectations?

I had heard many rumours - as I’m sure others do - about how you can smell the burning of your eyes during the surgery. Believe me, this is absolutely not true - it’s a load of scare mongering. The process itself was quick, painless and easier than I could have ever expected. The staff were so friendly and the surgeon was completely reassuring. If eye surgery clinic’s had star ratings, Optilase would get 5 from me.

Did it hurt? Be honest!

Not in the slightest!

How did you find the aftercare process?

Immediately after, your eyes feel quite irritable but I did exactly as the staff told me to do. Use the eye drops and go straight to bed. The following morning the irritability was completely gone. I was strict with myself in using the eye drops (3 different types per day), which completely sped up the healing process.

Do you find that Laser Eye Surgery has made your life easier?

My life, the lives of others around me, the lives of passengers in my car - yes, yes, yes. It’s completely changed everything about my life! It’s amazing how quickly you get used to it too - having 2020 vision that is - but then you’ll come across something you used to have to squint to see and you’ll be amazed all over again.

And finally, now that you’ve tried it out yourself - would you recommend Optilase to our readers?
In a heartbeat. I can’t express enough how simple the procedure was, how brilliant, friendly and informative the staff were and how much it has changed my life.
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