What a Laser Eye Surgery patient journey REALLY looks like

29 Nov 2020

Learn more about Laser Eye Surgery with Optilase, Ireland’s No.1 private eye surgery provider

Some might say that there are two types of people in this World, those who have always had a problem with their sight and those who have never had to wear glasses or contacts! Unfortunately dear reader, there are more of us with bad sight than we might care to admit (writer included!)

But there are options, right? Yes. A procedure like Laser Eye Surgery, is from the outside a very attractive option - no more contact lenses, no more glasses, the idea of waking up to good sight every morning sounds amazing right! But is it too good to be true? Optilase, Ireland’s No.1 provider of Laser Eye Surgery takes us through what a typical patient journey might look like and gives us some food for thought on the life changing treatment.

Biting the bullet
Like all life changing surgeries, deciding to go ahead with Laser Eye Surgery is a big decision, but what do you need to know in advance of this? And is there anything you can do to prepare yourself for the surgery? Phillip McGlade, CEO with Optilase urges everyone to visit a professional provider for an initial assessment. ‘Having a consultation with an Optometrist is a great place to start. Firstly they will assess your sight to determine if laser eye surgery is the right solution for you. We offer a free consultation to every customer who is interested in Laser Eye Surgery, so that patients can arm themselves with information about the procedure. We believe that every patient should be knowledgeable and comfortable about surgery before embarking any further, and that’s just what our medical team can offer once you walk through our doors. We’re delighted to offer this important service for free.’

On your way to 20/20 vision
First up, it’s time to talk about suitability. Afterall, you need to be suitable for the surgery before going ahead. The good news is that even if you were not suitable previously for the treatment, you may be suitable now thanks to rapidly changing technology. In fact, the odds are stacked in your favour now as it’s thought that 3 out of 4 people are now suitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

If suitability is something that you are concerned about, try not to worry as it will be one of the first things your Optometrist will discuss with you. Brace yourself for the amazing change that Laser Eye Surgery will bring. Who wouldn’t want a chance for better sight and a whole new lease of life? Your life changing surgery awaits.

No holding you back
Feel like you’ve got a thousand questions? No worries, that's what your initial assessment is for. Next up the Laser Optometrist will explain in detail the processes involved and answer any questions you may have about the surgery before and after. It’s a fast appointment too - the whole assessment takes approximately one hour to complete, and is a great way to find out if you want to start the journey as when you leave your free consultation, you’ll be armed with all the facts you need. If you do decide to go ahead then during the consultation a pre-operative consultation will be arranged with your Surgeon.

So if you’ve been thinking about Laser Eye Surgery, but are still juggling glasses and contact lenses to be able to see the world clearly, take the first step. You won’t regret it.

In control and taking things to the next stage
There’s no greater feeling than having answers to the questions you once had. Once you’ve had your initial consultation and came away with the information you need, your next step is to meet your surgeon. Phillip tells us that this is a crucial stage for most patients, ‘After meeting the Optometrist patients generally feel much more in control of the situation. They now have answers to the questions they may have had, and they know how the process unfolds - what happens in the surgery and how we take our patients through a rigorous
aftercare programme.’

So what is Optilase’s advice for anyone who still has questions after their initial meeting? Phillip says it’s important to feel a rapport with your provider, and this includes having open conversations about any additional worries or questions that still remain.

‘Patients should remember that this is an important surgery, and that they should not go ahead with any surgery without having all their concerns explored. Laser Eye Surgery has never been as successful or safe, but every concern from a patient is worth talking about. Go back to your provider and have an open conversation with them, that’s something you’ll never regret’.

Meeting your medical team
Once you’re watertight on all elements of the procedure, meeting your surgeon is the next important step in the process. Here they will carry out a further eye exam and give the final approval required for surgery to go ahead. They’ll talk you through the technical aspects of your Laser Eye Surgery and resolve any additional questions or queries. Once you’re happy that you understand everything and you’re happy to proceed, the team will then go through all of the necessary paperwork and confirm the date and time of your procedure.

But what can patients expect on their surgery day, ‘In our care you can rest assured you’re in the safe and capable care of our team - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, nurses, laser technicians and other professional support staff members. Your Laser Eye treatment takes, on average, seven minutes per eye. It’s a very short procedure with a lasting, life-changing outcome. Trust me when I say you’ll never look back.’ says Phillip.

‘Following the operation, you can relax while the Optilase team explains everything about the aftercare programme. They’ll give you a post-operative information pack containing eye drops and a schedule of when to take them. This will also include a 24 hour patient helpline number should you need any more information.

So there you have it. Is it time to take a step in the direction of the best sight you’ve ever had? There’s only one way to find out, and we believe that is by meeting medical professionals who can examine your sight, give you information and their assessment on your personal sight, and go from there. As the old saying goes, you have nothing to lose, only gain.

Time to talk?
If you’re looking for eye surgery but don’t know where’s the best place to get it, why not try Ireland’s premier provider of Laser Eye Surgery. Call us a little biased, but we KNOW that you won’t find a better eye surgery provider than Optilase across the Island of Ireland.

Since 2003 Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted private eye surgery clinic, performing over 40,000 eye surgeries since its inception in the market - making it a household name that can be trusted.

Our Optilase consultants are among the best in the industry and are expertly qualified to deliver the best possible outcome. Our Consultant Team members are all registered with the Irish Medical Council. We’re proud to offer you the latest techniques for your eye surgery and because we use state-of-the-art equipment, our clinics and the experience and results we deliver, are second to none.

With no hidden costs or upselling, a lot of Optilase patients end up paying less than the published price. And that’s always a plus, especially when you are guaranteed to receive Ireland’s No.1 professional eye surgery experience with great results.

Call us Ireland’s No.1 Eye Clinic today
Optilase are a proud, family-owned Irish business and are privileged to have some of the world’s leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Laser Optometrists and Medical Staff working on the Optilase team, all of whom are focused on providing the very best laser eye treatment available, using the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Optilase has Clinics, all over the Island of Ireland, including four Clinics in Northern Ireland.
For more information on Optilase and to book your free consultation +353 1 223 8821 now, and we promise - you’ll see the difference!

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