What’s wrong with my eyes?

19 Jan 2014

If you wear glasses, irregularities found on the surface of the cornea can be attributed as to why some people need corrective lenses to see objects clearly.


The cornea is responsible for accurately focusing light at the back of the eye but if it unable to do so correctly; a person is said to have a refractive error.


Laser Eye Surgery is an effective treatment for refractive errors as the procedure corrects the shape of the cornea so that vision no longer appears blurred.

Aberrations of the eye

Irregularities on the cornea are known as aberrations, and are considered either being higher or lower aberrations.


Lower aberrations include the three most common types of refractive errors that require glasses to be worn – myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.


These lower aberrations account for approximately 90% of a person’s blurred vision, which is why Laser Eye Surgery is such an effective treatment.


The other 10% of a vision defect is often caused by higher order aberrations which relate to how your eyes adapt to lower light conditions and cause such problems as glare, halos or starbursts around lights.

WaveFront procedure gets rid of vision defects

At Optilase, one of the most popular Laser Eye Surgery procedures to eliminate both higher and lower order aberrations is WaveFront.


What makes WaveFront unique is that it delivers a prescription correction to your eyes by first taking a 3D scan of your cornea in order to map out every single irregularity on its surface.


WaveFront technology then allows for every nuance on the surface of the cornea, no matter how small, to be corrected so vision is completely transformed.


WaveFront is especially suitable for those with higher prescriptions or if you have large pupils.


If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery, book your free consultation on +353 1 223 8821.

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