Why do we lose our near vision?

24 Nov 2014

Unfortunately, the ageing process by its very nature is not something that any of us look forward to with much anticipation. Quite the opposite in fact; once we hit 40 and that dreaded middle age milestone, we gradually begin to notice aches and ailments in parts of our body that we didn’t even know existed previously....not only that, we begin to notice that our mind isn’t what it used to be either as it starts to play games of hide ‘n’ seek with our everyday vital items, forcing us to frequently question our sanity!
The bad news is that our eyes behave no differently to the rest of the body then, in terms of middle age degeneration, but the good news is that there is always comfort to be found in shared common and shared misfortune….and in the case of presbyopia, (which means ageing of the eye), this is a condition that will affect practically everybody once they pass the magical age of 40.
Presbyopia itself is the term which is applied to the loss of near vision, the most obvious sign of the condition being blurred and out of focus text on print materials; no matter how hard we squint, once Presbyopia sets in, the eye simply cannot make out letters that once upon a time (very long ago!) it had no problem reading.
Medically, what happens with the onset of Presbyopia is that the lens of the eye becomes stiff; again, this is merely an unfortunate result of the ageing process. The ciliary muscle, which has responsibility for squeezing the lens into the right shape to allow us to see things that are in our near vision, becomes less flexible and less elastic. As this muscle simply loses its ability to fully control the lens, the lens of the eye can no longer change shape, resulting in difficulties with focusing on objects in the near vision.
But now for the good news! As a result of the great laser eye surgery treatment options offered by Optilase, Presbyopia no longer needs to be a problem which people must endure as they approach their middle age. Now, instead of worrying about bringing (and then maybe breaking!) glasses everywhere just to be able to enjoy simple pleasures such as reading the newspaper, a simple and completely painless 10 minute laser eye treatment can restore complete vision, and in the process completely do away with the need for glasses!
Hubert Hawthorne decided that constantly having to think about his glasses – whether forgetting to bring them with him, or worse still, actually remembering to bring them only to then inadvertently sit on them – had become, what he very aptly describes as “a scourge!”. So, when his daughter underwent laser eye surgery with us here at Optilase Dublin, who better than her to advise her Dad to come and have a consultation with our Optometrist, to see whether this might also be an option for him? Hubert was very pleasantly surprised to hear that not only was he suitable for the procedure, it was a 10 minute, completely painless procedure...very comforting for someone with a fear of needles. So, when he finally presented for the procedure, having been completely reassured by our team as regards exactly what was involved, he didn’t even realise at first that the treatment had been completed! Hubert now no longer has to worry about glasses every again....and he can also now see the date on his watch, something which he didn’t realise was even on his watch prior to laser eye surgery!
Margaret Kelly was another recent beneficiary of laser eye surgery at our clinic, and Margaret’s reason for seeking a long-term glasses free vision solution was simply that she intensely disliked wearing glasses. Why? She always felt that glasses just did not suit her face; no matter what style, colour, or brand she wore, she was extremely self-conscious because she just did not feel that glasses suited her! For any of us, looks are extremely important ....for one thing, feeling happy about how one looks is vital in terms of developing ones self -confidence. Now that Margaret no longer needs to wear those dreaded glasses ever again, not just her vision but her entire life has been transformed!
Check out Hubert and Margaret’s - and indeed many other satisfied Optilase laser eye surgery recipients – on our testimonials page at /laser-eye-surgery-testimonials. See for yourself the ways in which laser eye surgery at Optilase has transformed people’s lives.
* To find out if you are a suitable candidate for this life-changing procedure contact Optilase today on +353 1 223 8821 or fill out the green contact form above right. See the Difference with Optilase!
Article written by Alan Shanley

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Elizabeth Kalandadze
November 10, 2023

I am very happy with my results! It feels amazing leaving behind my glasses should’ve done it sooner and I feel like a new person! Everyone was amazing and super friendly, I recommend Optilase!!

Aron Bruinewoud
November 6, 2023

100% recommended. Great service from the consultation to the after care. A great team that makes you feel comfortable and at ease!

Sarah Doyle
November 6, 2023

The best experience ever !! And I am extremely delighted with my vision, truly 20/20 vision

Diana Sisu
November 6, 2023

Best experience ! Staff were extremely professional and kind, helped me a lot during the whole process. I definitely recommend !

anamaria sisu
November 6, 2023

Amazing Clinic all staff friendly and helpful!

jordan fields
November 1, 2023

Great experience! Very friendly and helpful staff. Couldn’t recommend options enough

anita hogan
November 1, 2023

Very happy with my overall experience, I was very nervous but the team were very understanding and really put my mind at ease. I’m over the moon with my results!!!!!!

October 20, 2023

Hello Million thanks for optilase clinic You change my life😍😍😍 After my surgery I start see next day!!!

Ciara Reilly
October 7, 2023

Attended the clinic today and couldn't be happier with the staff and how pleasant they were. Delighted that I got a consultation

Thelma Scanlon
September 23, 2023

Great experience and great after care. Had 2020 vision within 24 hours with very minimal pain.

Amanda Mulligan
September 23, 2023

Amazing experience , amazing staff, amazing eye sight . I had lens replacement 3 months ago and would highly recommend.

Mr. O’Flynn Education
September 23, 2023

I got my laser eye surgery done on April 20th and couldn’t be happier. I had one hard day of recovery, followed by dry eyes for a small while. Sleeping with the protective goggles is the hardest part, but you’re helped throughout the process by experts. I couldn’t recommend this enough and Optilase were a dream to deal with. Even if you can’t afford the treatment now, you can always talk about a payment plan and get the vision you’ve always wanted.

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