Goodbye Glasses, Hello Optilase!

28 Apr 2011
Our New 2011 TV Campagin ad. This is our 2nd ad. .
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Eye Spy (part 3)

28 Apr 2011
Article published in Cork Independent, April 22, 2011.   My Laser Eye Surgery Experience (Part 3)   It's D Day. By the time you are reading this (depending on what time you get your Cork Independent), I will be on my way to or in Optilase.   My appointment is for 4pm today. I need […]
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Eye Spy (second part)

15 Apr 2011
Article published in Cork Independent, April 14, 2011. My Laser Eye Surgery Experience (Part 2) Two weeks after my first appointment at Optilase, my glasses and I are starting to fall in love again. Then out of love. Then back in love. I'm so confused; it was never meant to be this hard!
The thought of […]
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Eye Spy - A laser eye surgery diary

01 Apr 2011
Article published in Cork Independent, March 31, 2011. Laser Eye Surgery Diary - Eye Spy I’ve had glasses since I was four. Big, plastic, pink frames chosen with a squeal of excitement from a tray of similar Barbie-shaded monstrosities. School photos show big plastic pink frames; an eyepatch; a squinty grin with glasses removed; and […]
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Free Laser Eye Surgery

11 Mar 2011
Article published in The Cork News on the 18th of February, 2011. How a chance entry in a Cork News competition changed one man’s life forever... ‘I should have done it years ago’ If you’re not in, you can’t win – or so the saying goes. Having never won a raffle or draw in his […]
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See it and believe it!

03 Mar 2011
Cork Independent Article by staff reporter. Thursday, 17 February 2011   My Laser Eye Surgery Experience in Cork   Sick of seeing nothing when you wake up in the morning and scrambling around for your glasses or contacts? Sick of sitting down in the cinema or to watch a match and you realise you have […]
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Seeing the light - Evening Herald Article

08 Feb 2011
Seeing the Light with Laser Eye Surgery By Holly White - Tuesday February 08, 2011   Having worn glasses since she was at school, Holly White decided to try Laser Eye treatment and say goodbye to her specs.   Ever since I had my eyes tested at age 14, I have needed glasses.   Contact […]
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Goodbye Glasses, Hello Optilase!

07 Feb 2011
Our New 2011 TV Campagin ad.
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