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Correct your nighttime vision problems with laser eye surgery

12 Sep 2020
For anyone with imperfect vision, nighttime driving can be a challenging experience – statistically, these are the most dangerous driving hours and the period when most crashes occur. Our vision is just not as good when we are driving in the dark. The reason is simply that we experience greatly reduced depth of field (the […]
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How can stress affect your eyesight?

27 Aug 2020
You have no doubt experienced stress at some point in your life, whether it was due to work, home or family circumstances, in particular with the year that has been. Being overwhelmed by stress can sometimes lead to other health problems, affecting both your physical and mental wellbeing. When you experience stress, your body will […]
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What to do if your eyesight is getting worse

27 Aug 2020
If you notice your eyesight is getting worse, the most important thing to do is visit your local optician for an eye examination. Your optician will be able to identify if there are any underlying issues that are causing your eyesight to worsen. Changes in your vision can be due to numerous factors. There has […]
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Why and how your vision changes during pregnancy

19 Aug 2020
Your body experiences many changes during pregnancy – some are common; some are a bit odd. Many women report changes in their vision as fluctuating hormones; metabolic rate; circulation and fluid retention all affect your eyesight. The thickness and curvature of the cornea (the clear part at the front of the eye through which light […]
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What is refractive lens exchange?

05 Aug 2020
Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is identical to modern cataract surgery. Both operations involve replacing the natural lens with an intra ocular lens (IOL). The only difference is that cataract surgery is performed mainly to correct blur or light scatter caused by a misty natural lens; whereas RLE is performed to reduce the need for glasses […]
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What happens to our vision as our eyes age?

22 Jul 2020
Unfortunately, the ageing process by its very nature is not something that any of us look forward to. Once we hit the age of 40, we gradually notice aches and ailments in parts of our body that we didn’t even know existed previously. Unfortunately, our eyes behave no differently to the rest of the body. […]
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Tom Dunne has Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase

07 Oct 2015
  Tom Dunne, Radio Broadcaster and Musician, has undertaken a pioneering treatment called Presbia that provides a reading glasses-free alternative for ageing eyes.   About Tom Dunne Tom Dunne is a Radio Broadcaster and Musician. He is best known as lead singer with Dublin group "Something Happens" with unforgettable singles like 'Parachute’.   Choosing Laser […]
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Solutions for the Gradual Loss
of Reading Vision

06 Mar 2015
  Just in the past few weeks, legendary actor Dame Judi Dench has revealed that as a result of her failing eyesight caused by an age-related condition known as macular degeneration, she is now unable to travel alone.   Though you may never have thought it, she is now 80 years of age and still […]
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Why Do I Need Glasses and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

30 Apr 2014
If you are able to see perfectly at both near and far distances, then you are lucky enough to enjoy normal vision. This will change as you get older and the lens of the eye become less flexible – but not until you’re about 45 years old.   However, many people in their twenties, thirties […]
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Blurred Vision Near and Far Away - You may have Astigmatism

30 Apr 2014
If you haven’t seen an eye care professional and find the objects both near and far away are blurry; you probably have astigmatism. It’s an extremely common condition – many people have a mild astigmatism without even realising it. Astigmatism happens when the cornea, the clear part at the front of the eye, isn’t spherical; […]
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