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Looking for laser eye surgery in Kildare? Visit Optilase’s Newbridge clinic

10 Sep 2020
Vision for Success; New Optilase Clinic launched in Kildare – Optilase enables the people of Kildare to ‘SEE THE DIFFERENCE’ through Laser Eye Surgery. Optilase Clinic, Ireland’s leading laser eye clinic operates a laser eye surgery clinic in Kildare, ensuring the people of Kildare look and see things differently. With a tagline of ‘See the […]
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Eye care 101: Basic facts you should know from Optilase

30 Jun 2020
As our lifestyles get busier than ever, sometimes eye health can take a back seat. Optimum eye health throughout your life can be achieved by ensuring you are doing your part. Vision is one of - if not the most - important of the five senses. It doesn’t take much to damage your vision, but […]
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Go to the best - Three reasons why Optilase are Ireland’s No.1 Eye Surgery Provider

08 Feb 2020
As we get older, everything seems to slow down a little more doesn’t it, and our sight is no different. General problems with our near vision in particular can be very frustrating. Whether it’s affecting your daily routines like sending a text message or putting make-up on, any loss of near vision can make the […]
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Optilase Q&A with Leanne Woodfull

27 Jan 2017
As an in-demand top blogger, you’re pretty busy 24/7. What gave you the push to get Laser Eye Surgery?   Being honest, my eyesight was so terrible and my reliance on glasses so great, that my quality of life overall just wasn't as good as it should be. I rely on my vision so much […]
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15 fascinating facts about eyes!

22 Jan 2017
While most of us appreciate and are somewhat in awe of just how incredible the eye is, it’s fair to say that as with most parts of the body, we don’t tend to sit down and think about how they work. It’s fair to say that we take them for granted: once they work we […]
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5 more common and unsubstantiated myths about Laser eye surgery busted!

14 Dec 2016
When it comes to laser eye surgery, of which LASIK is the most common form, there are always lots of rumours and untruths circling which are often mistaken for fact. Some of them are so wrong that we are often baffled as to how people come up with them in the first place but it […]
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What does LASIK eye surgery feel like ?

13 Dec 2016
First of all, let’s be clear: everyone (even big brave men who’ll never admit it to you!) is at the very least slightly nervous when the day of their laser eye surgery finally rolls around. It’s human nature – our eyes are one of the most valuable organs we possess so we are rightly highly […]
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Lorna McGinn Q&A for Optilase blog

23 Nov 2016
Irish Journalist and Opsh gal, Lorna McGinn, recently underwent life-changing laser eye surgery treatment with Optilase. We sat down with Lorna to chat with her all about her Optilase journey and how it feels to have 2020 vision.   As an in-demand top journalist, you’re pretty busy 24/7. What gave you the push to get […]
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Eleanore Hutch Q&A for Optilase blog

01 Nov 2016
Irish Journalist, Eleanore Hutch, recently underwent life-changing PRK laser eye surgery treatment with Optilase. We sat down with Eleanore to find out all the details of her Optilase journey and how it feels to have finally ditched her contacts.   What made you decide to get Laser Eye Surgery?   I was just sick of […]
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Eye Health: A Guide To Iridology

17 Jun 2016
As most of us know instinctively, the eyes are a great indicator of overall health. Whether they’re jaundiced, bulging or blood shot, when something’s not right, it shows in our eyes. So much so that since the late 1600s, we have been looking at the eyes to determine what’s going on in the body – […]
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