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Are you holding things at arm’s length to see?

02 Sep 2020
Are you finding yourself holding things at arm’s length to see them clearly? You may eb suffering with a condition known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that affects just about everybody over the age of 40; it tends to creep up on you gradually and by age 45, you may find yourself holding printed […]
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Laser Eye Surgery suitability - what you need to know

12 Mar 2020
As one of the most popular eye surgeries the World over, Laser Eye Surgery can certainly seem like a very attractive option if you’ve suffered at the hands of bad sight over the years. And why not, it’s fast, affordable and absolutely life changing - so where’s the snag? Well the good news is that […]
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What exactly is astigmatism?

21 Jan 2017
The word astigmatism must be one of the most commonly misspelt words in the English language: not only is it long and unorthodox, it also frustratingly sounds like two words as opposed to one!   So, before we even get into explaining what astigmatism is exactly, we are first of all happy to confirm that […]
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5 simple ways to ensure you maintain healthy eyes

20 Jan 2017
Your eyes are one of the most important (and complex) organs in your body. Life without your eyesight does not bear thinking about, right? They are simply your most valuable asset because they play a central part in every single aspect of your life: experiencing love at sight, to driving a car, from enjoying breathtaking […]
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Optilase Q&A with Ellen Bonner

22 Dec 2016
Ellen Bonner, age 25, Optilase Q&A Ellen Bonner, a professional dancer, underwent LASIK laser eye surgery with Optilase Clinic back in September.   We recently caught up with her to find out what she thought of the whole laser surgery experience: and also, of course, to see how she’s enjoying life without glasses and contact […]
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Optilase in the Media

20 Dec 2016
At Optilase we like to share the latest industry news with our clients. Recently we have had some amazing feedback in the press about our Laser Eye Surgery treatments. Some top journalists came to our clinics and received 20:20 vision.   Lorna from leading lifestyle publication, U Magazine had to say “The surgery itself took […]
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New laser eye procedure can turn brown eyes into blue!

30 Mar 2015
  Just when we think that it is simply not possible for any further new cosmetic procedures when it comes to our eyes, what goes and happens? Yep, that’s right, along comes another new cosmetic treatment that is almost impossible to fathom!   I mean seriously, did any of us (ok well did you?) ever […]
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How to Eat Right for Maximum Eye Health

10 Sep 2014
  As we age, the realisation dawns that everything we read about eating healthy foods for the good of our bodies is actually true. When we are young we feel immortal, but as our bodies and our eyesight begin to deteriorate, we understand that we need to fuel and nourish ourselves to stave off the […]
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Trying to decide if Laser Eye Surgery is for you?

21 May 2014
If you are currently relying on glasses in order to see clearly, you probably find it a bit tiresome. Misplacing them or breaking them leaves you vulnerable; especially if you’re travelling. People who need glasses to see feel quite helpless without them.   If you are ready to call time on your days needing glasses […]
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What Causes Double Vision?

16 Apr 2014
Double vision, or ‘diplopia’, is the perception of two images when only one is present. The additional image can appear horizontally, vertically; obliquely or even overlapping the object you’re looking at. What causes double vision? There can be any number of causes, and some are an indication of a potential dangerous neurological problem, which is […]
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