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Tom Dunne has Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase

07 Oct 2015
  Tom Dunne, Radio Broadcaster and Musician, has undertaken a pioneering treatment called Presbia that provides a reading glasses-free alternative for ageing eyes.   About Tom Dunne Tom Dunne is a Radio Broadcaster and Musician. He is best known as lead singer with Dublin group "Something Happens" with unforgettable singles like 'Parachute’.   Choosing Laser […]
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Get rid of reading glasses with new eye treatment called Presbia

07 Nov 2014
  As the ageing process takes hold and we are unceremoniously propelled – often most ungraciously and indeed ungracefully - into our 40s, (yes, middle age!) one thing we could always be pretty certain of was that our bodies would slowly begin to creak and ache, and with it our eyesight would inevitably diminish, making […]
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Holding things at Arm’s Length to see?

26 Apr 2014
Presbyopia is a condition that affects just about everybody over the age of 40; it tends to creep up on you gradually and by age 45, you may find yourself holding printed material like papers and jar labels far away from your eye in order to focus on them.   Presbyopia is a different condition […]
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Changes in Adult Vision after 40

20 Jan 2014
Ageing is a natural process that affects all parts of the body, including the eyes, so it is important to take note of any changes in your eyesight no matter how slight and ensure you have a thorough eye examination every two years.   Eyesight problems can appear in seemingly healthy eyes, even if a […]
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Does Everyone Eventually Need Glasses?

20 Jan 2014
Even if you don’t have a refractive error such as long or short sightedness and have been lucky enough to get away without needing glasses up to your mid-forties, you’ll start to notice changes in your near vision as your eye ages (along with the rest of you!)   What Happens to Near Vision with […]
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I don’t like wearing reading glasses, but am I too old for surgery?

10 Jan 2014
At a certain point in life, your body will start reminding you that it’s not as young it used to be and it needs some help to carry out daily tasks, such as wearing reading glasses to read the labels on jars, type text messages, or read the Sunday paper.   When you need reading […]
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The Cause of Presbyopia

08 Oct 2013
Presbyopia is sometimes mistaken for myopia (farsightedness), but there are inherent differences between the two conditions: Presbyopia: An age-related problem caused by the stiffening of the lens which results in its reduced flexibility. Myopia: A refractive error that originates from a misshapen cornea that usually manifests during childhood. Hardening of the crystalline lens The crystalline […]
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The Genius of the Corneal Inlay

08 Oct 2013
Corneal inlays represent the latest advances in treatment for presbyopic patients who prefer an alternative solution to glasses and contact lens for correcting poor near vision.   Inlays have also revolutionized the attitude to surgical vision-correction procedures for anyone over the age of 40. The original corneal inlay The first corneal inlay attempt can be […]
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Don’t let Presbyopia Slow you Down: Optilase can Help

08 Oct 2013
If your eyes are getting old, but you still feel like a 25-year-old at heart then it may be the case that reading glasses don’t fit your image and you are looking for a modern solution to your near vision problems. Well, look no further, because the Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is just what you need! […]
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How the Presbia Corneal Inlay from Optilase Works

06 Oct 2013
To understand how the Presbia intrastromal inlay works to correct presbyopia, it can be likened to a contact lens, only that it is implanted into the cornea rather than slotted in front of it.   The Presbia microlens is a clear disc that changes the refractive index of your cornea, so that you can clearly […]
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