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Optilase: What The Media Have to Say

28 Sep 2016
At Optilase we like to keep our clients up to date with the latest treatments and services we have on offer. We regularly get some of Ireland’s top media in to the clinic to try out the Optilase service and let their readers know all about the treatments and how it really feels to get […]
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Eye Makeup through the Ages

07 Sep 2016
Since the beginning of human history, the eyes have always held a special place in our concept of beauty. Charlotte Bronte famously said that eyes are the ‘faithful interpreter’ of the soul - and the concept of eyes as the truest version of ourselves is one that has stuck around. It’s little wonder then, that […]
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I can’t see well at night. Can Laser Eye Surgery help?

12 Feb 2014
Probably not. Although sometimes treatable, problems with night vision could be anything from an early sign of progressive cataracts, to an indication of a congenital issue like retinitis pigmentosa or other more serious conditions. There a number of potential causes, and it’s best to visit an Optometrist to get your eyes tested. Poor Night Vision […]
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Are You Ready For Laser Eye Surgery?

09 Dec 2013
There’s more to Laser Eye Surgery than meets the eye.   Bad puns aside, Optilase Optometrist conduct a thorough evaluation of potential patients at the initial consultation as not everyone is a viable laser eye surgery candidate. Factors affecting Laser Eye Surgery Laser Eye Surgery is a process and there are certain steps to follow […]
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Sources page - A Guide to Iridology

09 Jun 2013,30299  
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Romantic Eye Contact Infographic Sources

09 Feb 2013
Sources: Psychological Facts About Love: 27 Psychological Love Facts To Know The Power of Eye Contact – Make Someone Fall in Love With You! 10 Surprising Facts About Love and Attraction 9 Facts Worth Knowing About Human Attraction 20 Interesting Facts About Love 30 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Eyes Did You Know […]
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Eye Strain Infographic Sources

01 Jul 2012
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16 Ways The Sun Can Damage Your Eyes Sources

21 Jun 2012
Sources: Young Richard, 1994 ‘Optimimestry and Vision Science.' Japanese Journal of Opthalmology: September 2005, Vol 49, Issue 5, pp 349 to354 David Torbert, August 2014: the Sun, Ultraviolet Radiation and Your Eye Malignant eyelid Tumours in Taiwan, J.K Wang, SL Liao and others, Department of Opthalmology, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Taipei, Taiwan. Correspondent: Dr, S-Liao […]
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