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KAMRA and Presbia - Your Solutions to Near Vision Problems

02 Jul 2013
KAMRA and Presbia are both methods of dealing with near vision problems like presbyopia, the ageing of the eye that makes the crystalline lens stiffen and unable to accommodate clear focus on near objects.   Each method involves placing an inlay in a layer of the cornea, but each has a slightly different mechanism of […]
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Amazing Corneal Inlay Restores Near Vision

01 Jul 2013
The Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is a corneal inlay that is implanted over your dominant eye to allow you to see near object sharply. Optilase Ophthalmic Surgeons have been successfully performing the procedure on hundreds of patients who had trouble with presbyopia, or ageing of the eye, and the results are dramatic. Presbyopia, the ageing Eye […]
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Correct your Reading Vision with Presbia - No More Glasses!

01 Jul 2013
Eyes get old and fail, just like the rest of the body. There are a huge number of people who still have excellent distance vision, but annoyingly find they must rely in reading glasses to see clearly up close. Books; papers; small print-all are a blur to people who suffer from Presbyopia, or ageing of […]
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How Presbia Works to Solve your Near Vision Problem

28 Jun 2013
Presbia is the procedure available exclusively from Optilase in Ireland that uses a carefully designed, super-thin corneal inlay to solve near-vision problems caused by presbyopia. Why our Vision gets worse with Age Presbyopia happens when our eyes get old and tired. The natural lens in the eye, which usually bends and moves to help focus […]
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Get Rid of Your Reading Glasses with Presbia from Optilase

28 Jun 2013
Are you having trouble seeing objects close-up without relying on your glasses? Do you have to hold things far away from your eyes to get a clear focus? Chances are you have presbyopia, or ageing of the eye. Presbia solves Presbyopia and gives you back Near Vision Presbia is the procedure, exclusive to Optilase in […]
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Record Demand for Treatment To Eliminate The Need for Reading Glasses

21 Jun 2013
Did you know that a simple eye treatment means that we no longer have to rely on reading glasses, as we struggle with our near-vision as we get older? Did you know that the procedure is so popular that leading Irish eye clinic, Optilase, has reported a record demand and had to implement a waiting […]
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What is the Flexivue Microlens for Presbyopia?

03 Dec 2012
Optilase are offering a pioneering new treatment designed to help people with Presbyopia, using a corneal inlay called the Flexivue Microlens.   Your suitability for treatment will be thoroughly evaluated by an experienced Optometrist at Optilase. If it’s determined that the Flexivue Microlens would improve your specific condition, the corneal implant will be discussed with […]
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What is Presbia and the Flexivue Microlens™?

30 Nov 2012
Exclusive to Optilase in Ireland, people who have to use corrective eyewear or reading lasses can now avail of Presbia, a procedure involving a specialised corneal implant using the Flexivue Microlens™.   Corneal implants and corneal inlays are tiny lenses or other refractive devices inserted into the cornea to correct vision problems.   They’re designed […]
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Presbia for Age Related Loss of Vision

30 Nov 2012
Major advances in eye care technology mean people with age-related loss of vision no longer have to depend on reading glasses to see clearly.   Most people, at some point in their 40s, develop presbyopia; a stiffening of the natural crystalline lens within the eye. As the natural lens can no longer be easily moved […]
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Is Your Vision Blurring?

30 Nov 2012
We never realise it’ll happen to us, but many of us who have hitherto had great vision experience blurring when it comes to trying to read. There are a few different reasons for this, but often it’s a condition called presbyopia, or aging of the eye.   The crystalline lens in the eye tends to […]
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