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One Eye Only for Presbia Treatment

04 Oct 2013
Monovision is a treatment technique used to treat presbyopia that usually requires a corrective contact lens being worn so that one eye is used for distance vision and the other is used for near vision. Accommodative power of your eyes If you are over the age of 40 and suddenly find yourself holding objects at […]
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Correcting Presbyopia in Prior LASIK Patients

03 Oct 2013
If you have undergone laser refractive surgery in the past, you will know firsthand the transformative impact it had on your lifestyle in terms of eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.   However, presbyopia is not a refractive error and is simply an unavoidable side effect of the aging process on the […]
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Change your Outlook with the Presbia corneal inlay from Optilase

02 Oct 2013
In order to see the world in focus, rays of light that enter the eye must bend correctly and focus on the back of the eye.   It is this process, known as refraction that is affected in presbyopic patients and is triggered by the natural aging of the lens and the muscles that control […]
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Straining to See Small Print? Try Presbia from Optilase

02 Oct 2013
If you have never relied on glasses or contact lens for vision correction, to find yourself suddenly straining to see objects up close can be a frustrating experience because it can only mean one thing: you are getting old! Older eyes Presbyopia, meaning ‘old eye’ is not a disease of the eye, rather it is […]
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Are you the Perfect Presbia Patient?

01 Oct 2013
If you have been diagnosed with presbyopia, you will know that it is a condition that presents in patients, usually over the age of 40.   Not only that, but you may also have explored the corrective measures available outside of glasses and contacts, such as corneal inlay procedures like the Presbia microlens.   But […]
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Do You Rely on Reading Glasses to See Things Up Close?

10 Sep 2013
As our eyes age, we find ourselves relying more and more on reading glasses to see things up close, particularly print. Presbyopia Even if you’ve enjoyed terrific eye health all your life, you can expect a change after age 40-45 as presbyopia, or stiffening of the eye’s natural crystalline lens, sets in.   As for […]
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How Presbyopia Affects Individuals with Refractive Errors

09 Sep 2013
Presbyopia seems to be inevitable as our eyes age. It impacts people at different times and depending on the state of the cornea and any existing refractive errors, can impact in different ways. Presbyopia in Farsighted Patients Farsighted people can see better at a distance than they can close up. These patients find that loss […]
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What does Eye Accommodation Mean?

07 Sep 2013
Patients often hear the term ‘accommodation’ used when Optometrists discuss the ability of the eye to see properly.   Accommodation is the process whereby the eye is able to change the point of focus from a distant object to a near object.   It’s an optical change in the eye and happens when the muscles […]
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Baby Boomers and Eyesight Issues over 40

30 Aug 2013
If you’ve turned 40, chances are you’ve noticed that your body is beginning to betray you a little. Your eyesight in particular will have changed, and one of the biggest issues with people aged 40-45 is the onset of presbyopia.   Optilase laser eye clinics can now treat presbyopia, and help thousands of patients find […]
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Great News for Cataract Patients with Near Vision Problems

08 Jul 2013
Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is the corneal inlay used during the Presbia procedure to correct near-vision impairment at Optilase Laser Eye Clinics.   The Presbia procedure has been hugely successful and enormously popular in correcting presbyopia, the condition where aging of the eye makes the lens stiff and inflexible, causing blurring of near objects.   If […]
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