Laser Eye Surgery Options - Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know...

23 Oct 2020
Deliberating taking the plunge and getting Laser Eye Surgery? You’re in good company. In fact, over 30 million people worldwide have taken the very same decision in the last few years and have opened up themselves to the whole new world of 20/20 vision in the process. Introduced in the 1980s, Laser Eye Surgery has […]
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Give yourself the gift of 20/20 vision with Optilase!

16 Oct 2020
2020 has been quite the year. And in more ways than one, our eyesight has never been more important to us. Afterall, we need it now to get us through long days indoors, inevitable extra time in front of screens and long box sets and reading lists that have become one of the few things […]
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Five questions you might have on Laser Eye Surgery

06 Oct 2020
As Ireland’s No.1 Private Eye Surgery Clinic since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of customers achieve their best eyesight ever when they opted for Laser Eye Surgery in Optilase. So the chances are that if you’ve got a question on the treatment, then we’re almost certain we’ve got the answer. Here are some popular questions that […]
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4 things to look for in a Laser Eye Surgery provider

04 Oct 2020
Ready to wave goodbye to a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses? If so, you might be on the lookout for the No. 1 eye surgery providers for Laser Eye Surgery, Reading Vision Correction or Refractive lens surgery. Like any important surgery you’ll want the best in market care, so here’s four things to help […]
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Give your vision the attention it deserves with Optilase, Ireland’s leading Laser Eye Surgery Provider

02 Oct 2020
Had enough of glasses and contacts and wondering whether it’s time to think of something a little bit more permanent? Laser eye surgery might just be the answer for you. Maybe it’s time to give Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery provider a call. Since 2003 Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted […]
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Time to invest in your eyesight? Call Optilase today

25 Sep 2020
Eyesight has never been so important. Let’s face it we’re all on our screens a little more, and with many of us working from home that could mean we have up to three or four additional hours of screen time per day, and that’s a lot! And with so much time indoors at the moment, […]
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Here's why working from home might be giving you eye strain - and what you can do about it

23 Sep 2020
If you’re a glasses or contacts wearer the past few months working from home online, or just being at home a little more may have meant a lot more screen time than usual, and this may have been difficult on your eyes. If this is the case for you then undoubtedly you will have experienced […]
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Working from home? There’s no need to be stuck indoors without perfect vision and here’s 3 reasons why

22 Sep 2020
Caught on one too many Zoom calls now that most of us are working from home? If you’re a glasses or contacts wearer, the chances are that your eyes have been feeling the strain of months of communicating almost solely from your laptop, so maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to Laser Eye Surgery, your […]
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Correct your nighttime vision problems with laser eye surgery

12 Sep 2020
For anyone with imperfect vision, nighttime driving can be a challenging experience – statistically, these are the most dangerous driving hours and the period when most crashes occur. Our vision is just not as good when we are driving in the dark. The reason is simply that we experience greatly reduced depth of field (the […]
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Looking for laser eye surgery in Kildare? Visit Optilase’s Newbridge clinic

10 Sep 2020
Vision for Success; New Optilase Clinic launched in Kildare – Optilase enables the people of Kildare to ‘SEE THE DIFFERENCE’ through Laser Eye Surgery. Optilase Clinic, Ireland’s leading laser eye clinic operates a laser eye surgery clinic in Kildare, ensuring the people of Kildare look and see things differently. With a tagline of ‘See the […]
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Pupil size and its role in laser eye treatment eligibility

08 Sep 2020
Most people just think of their pupil as a simple a black dot in the centre of each eye that changes shape every now and again. While this is true, the pupil plays a significant role in determining whether you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery. How does pupil size play a role in patient […]
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How the cornea changes during laser eye surgery at Optilase

06 Sep 2020
Have you ever wondered what happens to the eye during laser eye surgery that causes a person’s eyesight to change? Here at Optilase, we want to get you up to speed on where the magic happens – the cornea – as well as address some common misconceptions about what happens to it during laser eye […]
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